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Premium Shoe Inserts And Orthotic Insoles

Shoe inserts and orthotic insoles are developed and produced by the podiatrists here at FootActive. They work closely with a dedicated team of physiotherapists to make sure our orthotic soles are at the forefront of orthopaedic technologies and are scientifically developed to deliver results.  

FootActive's shoe inserts and orthotic insoles work by supporting parts of the foot that might not be aligned properly. The different styles of orthotic insole we supply each ensure support is distributed and targeted to the area that needs it most, whether to the heel, arch or ball of the foot.  With daily use, our orthopaedic insoles will help to restore your foot function back to normal and relieve painful symptoms on a long-term basis. Here at FootActive, we believe in holistic and non-intrusive healing, which is particularly effective when caring for your feet and supporting the development of children's' feet. Our biomechanical orthopaedic insoles are a preventative and long-term method for combatting your foot problems.

Our orthopaedic insoles provide comfort and mobility to people who struggle with their foot health. Foot problems such as Plantar Fasciitis, arthritis and Achilles tendonitis can be immobilising over a long period of time.  FootActive orthotic insoles help you to maintain your mobility and are designed to keep you active on your feet. We are proud to help you maintain your desired level of activity and enjoy the lifestyle you deserve.


Foot Orthotics & Other Foot Care Products


FootActive have been an NHS-approved supplier of orthotic insoles since 2010 in recognition of their effectiveness at correcting a wide range of foot problems.  Our Sensi orthotic soles are particularly suitable for alleviating the painful foot conditions associated with diabetes and arthritis.  

Specialist plantar fasciitis socks provide compression support around the foot without restricting motion and can be worn all day long with all types of footwear.  Our range of orthotic flip flops provide arch support and reduce painful over-pronation (inward rolling).

The Moji massage range are hand-held massage products that can also help to alleviate pain after exercise or as you re-introduce exercise into your life. They can be used to stimulate circulation and keep the joints moving and conditioned.

For more information or advice finding the orthotic soles, footwear or first aid products that suit you, do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team, today!


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Durable Orthopaedic Inserts

Orthotic insoles are most effective when they are designed and used to directly target the specific symptoms associated with various foot problems and conditions. Our medical and sports insoles have been designed to reduce the foot pain caused by various activities and conditions. Excessive or vigorous activity, or resuming exercise after long periods of inactivity, could cause injuries that require you to wear foot orthotics.  Let our orthopaedic insoles gently support you every step of the way.

Our portfolio of products can be used to help manage pain and injuries in a way that is healthy for your whole body. The First Honey range are all proven sterile, therapeutic first aid products that can help reduce the need for antibiotics: everyone should have them in their bathroom cabinet. 

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Resolve Foot Problems With Foot Orthotics

Here at FootActive, we have a wide range of orthotic insoles available for you to choose from. Use our foot problems page to help decide which orthopaedic insole would best help you. You may not have been diagnosed with a specific foot condition but are perhaps experience piercing pain after inactivity, such as first thing in the morning or when you stand up from your desk, which is known as Plantar Fasciitis. FootActive orthotic insoles can help you care for your feet, without intruding into your lifestyle or routine.

FootActive have also developed orthotic soles to help alleviate painful children’s foot conditions such as Sever’s disease and flat feet.  Using orthopaedic insoles as soon as these conditions have been diagnosed can help correct children’s posture and mobility as they grow. Kids orthopaedic sole inserts can be placed into their school shoes or everyday footwear to ensure they get the care and help they need all day long.

You can shop by choosing a category and the type of shoe you wish to fit your orthotic insole into. This will ensure that you buy custom orthopaedic inserts that are effective for you.

How Orthopaedic Insoles Are Designed

We at FootActive are all passionate about helping people to manage and reduce their foot pain.  We work with the best leading technologies, in podiatry, physiotherapy and smart materials, to create and develop our range of orthotic soles or the shoes available in our range of foot orthotics.

All our orthopaedic inserts are sold as pairs and are durable, intelligent designs. If you only have a pain in one foot or leg, you may feel you only need to wear a single orthotic insole, it is imperative you wear both insoles together as a pair.  This ensures the correct body alignment and biomechanical function in the long term, reducing further problems in your feet, legs and back.

For more information or advice before you buy one of our holistic healing products or orthopaedic sole inserts, get in touch with the team here at FootActive, today.

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How to Treat Plantar Fasciitis

Watch a useful animation explaining what is Plantar Fasciitis and how to help alleviate the pain. For more information on Plantar Fasciitis and the treatment options available (including our specialist orthopaedic insoles) please see our Plantar Fasciitis page under the Foot Complaints menu.


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