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Cycling Insoles

While many cyclists may never consider removing the paper-thin insoles that came with their favourite cycling shoes, there are significant benefits of fitting a new set of supportive cycling insoles. From enhanced riding comfort to preventing injuries and banishing those horrible hotspots.

Reasons why you might need cycling insoles

There are many reasons why cyclists, including professional road and track racers, decide to ditch their factory-fitted insoles, even if they come with top of the range cycling shoes.

While custom-made arch support insoles are available, they are expensive. However, there are still many advantages to be gained from investing in a pair of non-custom FootActive cycling shoe insoles and here are just a few of the main ones.

Boost performance

The best insoles for cycling shoes improve performance by providing a stable base from which to push through the pedal, optimising the efficiency of every stroke.

Cycling insoles or gel inserts for cycling shoes also provide essential support for the foot which, in turn, encourages proper knee alignment, lessens knee wobble and reduces energy loss by stopping excessive pronation.

Pronation is the normal and natural movement of the feet when cycling, walking, running or landing after jumping.

If your cycling insoles do provide full support, with a pronounced heel cradle and arch support, you also feel more connected to your bike as you drive energy through your forefoot.

Prevent injury

Poor musculoskeletal alignment during cycling can result in all types of foot problems.

With road cycling insoles, you can promote proper alignment and avoid ongoing irritation to the joints and muscles in your feet. This could eventually lead to many painful conditions, such as achilles tendonitis, metatarsalgia and plantar fasciitis, the cause of heel spurs.

When cycling, the force generated from your lower limbs is transferred to the pedal via the many small joints in your foot. Irregular amounts of force passing through these joints can lead to them being compressed, which can result in neural pain and even tissue damage.

One of the most important features of cycling insoles is that they can help you avoid this type of injury by cushioning impact, fully supporting the foot and evenly distributing the force running through it. By assisting proper alignment, cycling shoe insoles also can help prevent knee pain and back pain.

A more comfortable ride

If you’re a keen cyclist, you’re probably aware that cycling shoes are not the most comfortable of footwear. They are often rigid and some are narrow and restricting.

This means that a lot of cyclists experience spots on the foot which are numb, hot or tingly. Some may also feel pain in the ball or the front of the foot.

By distributing pressure evenly through the foot, particularly at the front, arch support insoles for cycling insoles can greatly reduce this discomfort. An added bonus of this even distribution is an improvement in the efficiency of energy transfer.

Cycling shoe insoles which, like ours, come with arch supports, can reduce arch pain while cycling. Proper arch supports also make your cycling shoes a better fit

This means less strap pressure is required and there’ll be minimal slippage and minimal slippage means less friction, so cooler and more comfortable feet.

Our cycling shoe insole features

Our cycling shoe insoles, which are also suitable for other sports, such as rugby, athletics, tennis and badminton, incorporate features which can help you enhance your performance, increase comfort and avoid injury. They include:

  • Advanced slimline design
  • Firm outer shell support
  • Cushioning polymer mid layer
  • Shock absorbing gel pads
  • Biomechanics arch support
  • Soft-glide, moisture wicking top layer

Our cycling insoles are just one of a range of FootActive sports insoles and arch support insoles.

We also provide a range of insoles that helps various foot problems such as heel pain and tired and aching feet, along with a choice of orthopaedic footwear, such as slippers, flip flops and sandals with arch support and supportive socks.

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