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Gel Heel Pads And Heel Cushions

The heel is the part of the body that has to endure most of the impact of physical activity and heel pain is one of the most common foot complaints.

But you don‘t have to let the pain spoil your fun when you’re out and about. Our gel heel pads, or gel heel cushions as they’re sometimes called, can prevent heel problems from happening, while alleviating any existing foot pain.

What are gel heel pads?

Put simply, when placed in the rear of your shoes, our gel heel pads provide extra cushioning. Although your feet already have their own way of absorbing any impact, this cushioning helps to further reduce the force that's experienced while running or walking

Soft gel heel inserts do this by transferring the load forward when your heel hits the ground, lessening the pressure you may feel on the back of your heel. By raising the heel, they also relieve pressure on the achilles tendon, while helping you maintain good posture and, by cradling the heel, aiding stability.

​​FootActive gel heel pads are constructed from polyurethane gel and medical-grade silicone, making them soft and flexible while still offering optimal cushioning and support.

Who can benefit from gel heel pads?

With their added shock absorption and cushioning, gel heel pads are suitable for anyone who experiences pain in the heel area due to inflammation.

As gel cushions can help reduce fatigue, they are of particular benefit to people who spend long periods of time on their feet at work, perhaps in a warehouse or on a shop floor.

For low-impact sporting activities, such as hiking, our gel insoles for heels can help relieve some of the discomfort caused by the foot constantly hitting solid ground when in continuous motion.

You may want to take a look at our sports insoles if you’re involved in a higher-impact sport where the foot needs to take a lot more punishment. These include an insole designed specifically for football, rugby, tennis and athletics.

We know that many modern and popular shoe designs are perhaps not the ideal shape for most feet. To prevent heel pain and enhance comfort, we’ve designed our unisex gel heel pads so that they can be fitted in most shoes, including dress shoes, sports shoes, trainers and both work and walking boots.

What foot conditions can gel heel pads help alleviate?

In addition to the everyday heel discomfort caused by physical activity, ill-fitting footwear or long periods of standing around, gel heel pads can relieve a number of medical conditions related to the foot.

Gel heel pads for achilles tendonitis

An injury common among sportspeople, achilles tendinitis is an inflammation of the achilles tendon. Essential for walking, running and jumping, this is the body’s largest tendon, connecting the heel bones in the foot to the calf muscles.

By raising your heel, a gel heel pad shortens and takes the pressure off the achilles tendon, while reducing heel impact. A gel cushion will also keep everyday shoes from rubbing on the tendon.

Gel heel pads for plantar fasciitis

Characterised by a sharp pain on the underside of the heel, plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the plantar, which is the thick band of tissue found in the arch of the foot connecting the heel bone to the bones in the toes.

While gel heel cushions do alleviate some of the pain caused by this common condition, pain relief will be enhanced if the gel heel pad is combined with arch support insoles, as found in our full length, extra-cushioned plantar fasciitis insoles.

Gel heel pads for bursitis

Bursae are tiny fluid-filled sacs found near all the joints in the body, cushioning and protecting the different parts of the joint as you move. Inflammation of the bursae is known as bursitis.

The pain, swelling and irritation associated with bursitis can be reduced by using gel heel inserts, which will encourage better foot mechanics and improve the amount of support and cushioning for your feet.

Gel heel pads for lower back pain

If you can’t recall an incident that may have injured your lower back, but you’re still experiencing pain in this region, it may be down to your feet, as foot pain can create problems with the back, as well as the ankles, hips and knees.

The cushioning and shock absorption features of our gel heel pads should alleviate some of this lower back pain, providing much-needed support and reducing the impact on your heel.

Gel heel pads for knee pain

If you’ve had foot pain for a while, and you’re also experiencing a pain in your knee, the two could very well be connected.

As a first step to alleviating any knee pain, try using our gel heel pads which, with their combination of cushioning, support and ability to reduce impact on the heel, may very well reduce any discomfort you’re feeling.

When you should see a doctor for heel pain

While heel pain often goes away on its own with a little TLC, there are circumstances in which you should seek the help of your doctor.

If you’re experiencing severe pain and swelling near your heel, or if you can’t bend your foot downward or walk in a normal way, consult a doctor immediately.

Similarly, do so if your heel pain is accompanied by a fever or any tingling or numbness in the heel area.

While not so urgent, you should also make an appointment with a doctor if heel pain continues when you're not walking or standing or if it lasts more than a few weeks.

Our gel heel pads are just one of a range of FootActive sports insoles and arch support insoles.

We also provide a range of insoles that helps various foot problems such as heel pain and tired and aching feet, along with a choice of orthopaedic footwear, such as slippers, flip flops and sandals with arch support and supportive socks.

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