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Sports Insoles

Sports insoles are a must-have for any active person who likes to play sports or exercise on a regular basis. Staying active and taking part in sports generally keeps your body in good condition but can really take its toll on your feet.

Sports-related foot aches, pains and injuries are all too common and can have a big impact on your physical progress and quality of life.

We have specifically-designed and NHS-approved sports insoles for all activities, such as running, football, hiking and cycling to help prevent common conditions, and aid your recovery if they do happen.

What’s more, our insoles for sports shoes, such as football boots and trainers, can improve their hygiene in comparison with non-removable sports orthotics. This makes it easier to keep on top of by removing sweat and bacteria along with the unpleasant smells they cause.

Designed with a moisture-wicking microfibre top layer that absorbs sweat and neutralises odours, our sports insoles have the added benefit of being able to be wiped clean using warm soapy water and a cloth and leaving to air dry. We don’t recommend putting them in the washing machine.

Our FootActive Football Plus insoles

Different sports and the types of movements they involve won’t all have the same impact on your feet, so we have worked with expert sports podiatrists to develop our slimline and supportive Football Plus insoles.

Not only are these suitable for football boots and trainers, but also for the sports listed above, so you can rest assured that you’re covered, no matter what activity you take part in.

Trainers and football boots on their own don’t usually have any built-in support, cushioning or shock absorption capabilities and the low arch profile that is found in our arch support insoles for running trainers and football boots creates the perfect fit inside without causing cramping.

Our FootActive Sports insoles are designed with plenty of arch support plus an extra cushioning Polyurethane gel base that reduces excess pressure on the feet, knees and lower back – an absolute must in any activity that involves running.

Our FootActive UltraLite insoles

For running shoes that could be just that little bit more comfortable, we’ve developed the UltraLite shock absorbing insoles for running shoes.

These feature anti-pronation arch support and a stabilising deep heel cup along with impact absorbing pads and antimicrobial fabric with MicroSilver Ion Technology to combat foot odour and bacteria.

Do I need insoles for running?

Not only will running and football insoles help with shock absorption, comfort and performance, but they will also help with the following foot problems:

Flat feet

While an issue that doesn’t just go away, orthotic insoles are essential as a long-term solution, especially when it comes to relieving foot and heel problems that can be caused by flat feet.

Shin splints

Shin splints a painful injury that is caused by repetitive stress, modern sports insoles are designed to absorb the impact that comes with high-impact activities like running while providing arch support.

Plantar Fasciitis

Caused by excessive time on your feet, plantar fasciitis running insoles provide necessary comfort and support, offer shock absorption, and distribute the stress across your feet.

Under and over pronation

Regardless of whether you under or over-pronate, sports insoles provide necessary arch support while offering better foot stability to minimise strains and injuries.

Achilles tendonitis

A type of repetitive strain injury caused by over-pronation, insoles that are designed to correct that pronation will alleviate strain on your achilles tendon.

High arches or cavus foot

The best thing for high arches is to ensure they are properly supported. Sports insoles will absorb the additional pressure being taken at the ball and heel of your foot and distribute the weight evenly.

Heel and foot pain

Foot and heel pain are common issues for people who spend large amounts of time on their feet. Sports insoles will act as a cushion for the heel, elevating it to minimise the stress on the tendon.


What types of running will your running insoles help with?

FootActive Sports can help with all types of running, including road, trails and marathons. For shorter distance running, like sprints, then an UltraLite would be better suited.

Are gel insoles good for running?

Gel insoles don’t offer any arch support so can leave you exposed to injury. However, they are a good option for alleviating pressure, providing comfort, and relieving foot and heel pain.

Should I put insoles in my running shoes?

It cannot hurt to. There are plenty of benefits to putting insoles in your running shoes, not least for the additional arch support and comfort you’re giving your feet during strenuous exercise.

What do you do if your football boots are too big?

There are all sorts of hacks out there you can research in order to shrink football boots (none that we would advocate) but if you’re looking to make up for just that little bit of extra room, wearing additional socks or investing in sports insoles can help pad out that extra space.

Should I run without insoles?

There’s no hard and fast rule. If you’re free of injury and don’t need additional support, running without insoles will help the feet develop strength, which will support your lower body.

That said, running without insoles that are needed can do far more harm and good, especially over a long period of time.

All FootActive running insoles and football boot insoles are highly rated by our customers, and you can shop with peace of mind thanks to our 30-day refund or exchange policy.

If you have any questions or need any help on choosing the right sports insoles for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Our NHS-approved sports insoles

Active people are more prone to common sports injuries such as Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, shin splints and knee pain. Always remembering to warm up properly before getting started and avoiding running on uneven surfaces – these are great habits to help minimise the likelihood of problems.

We offer arch support insoles for football boots and running trainers that are designed to give you the extra support you need to perform at your absolute best and minimise the risk of injury.

They have such a good proven track record that they’re recommended as a preventative measure and medical treatment by the NHS.

Our sports insoles all include biomechanical arch supports that align your foot into the optimum position. This reduces pains and aches and prevents problems such as over pronation by cushioning specific areas and controlling how the foot moves within the shoe.

All FootActive Sports insoles also have extra shock absorbing pads at the heel and ball of the foot to protect against high-impact movements such as jumping, cutting, landing and running, all of which are especially damaging to the bones in these areas.

Did you know that our sports insoles are also suitable for:

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