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Sports insoles are a must-have for any active person. Staying active and taking part in sports generally keeps your body in good condition but can really take its toll on your feet. Sports-related foot aches, pains and injuries are all too common and can have a big impact on your physical progress and quality of life, so here at FootActive we have specifically designed insoles for running shoes plus football boot insoles to help prevent common conditions, and aid your recovery if they do happen.

What’s more, our football insoles and running insoles can improve the hygiene of your trainers and boots in comparison with non-removable insoles by making it easier to keep on top of removing sweat and bacteria along with the unpleasant smells they cause. Designed with a moisture-wicking microfibre top layer that absorbs sweat and neutralises odours, our sports insoles have the added benefit of being able to be wiped clean using warm soapy water and a cloth and leaving to air dry – we don’t recommend putting them in the washing machine.

NHS Approved Football Boot Insoles

Active people are more prone to common sports injuries such as Plantar FasciitisAchilles Tendonitis, Shin Splints and Knee Pain. Always remembering to warm up properly before getting started and avoiding running on uneven surfaces – these are great habits to help minimise the likelihood of problems. FootActive sports insoles give you the extra support you need you perform at your absolute best and minimise the risk of injury, and have such a good proven track record that they’re recommended as a preventative measure and medical treatment by the NHS.

Our football insoles and running insoles all include biomechanical arch supports that align your foot into the optimum position. This reduces aches and pains and prevents problems such as over pronation or rolling by cushioning specific areas and controlling how the foot moves within the shoe. All FootActive sports insoles also have extra shock absorbing pads at the heel and ball of the foot to protect against high-impact movements such as jumping, cutting, landing and running, all of which are especially damaging to the bones in these areas.

Insoles for Running Shoes, Football Insoles and Trainer Supports

Different sports and the types of movements they involve won’t all have the same impact on your feet, so we have worked with expert Australian Sports Podiatrists to develop our Football Plus football boot insoles. This is a slimline, supportive insole for football boots plus rugby, hockey and cycling boots, which usually do not have any built-in support or cushioning, while the low arch profile creates the perfect fit inside these tight-fitting boots without causing cramping.

The FootActive Sports insoles are designed with plenty of arch support plus an extra cushioning PU + Gel base that reduces excess pressure on the feet, knees and lower back – an absolute must in any activity that involves running. For running shoes that could be just that little bit more comfortable, we’ve developed the UltraLite insoles for running shoes that feature anti-pronation arch support and a stabilising heel cup along with impact absorbing pads and antimicrobial fabric with MicroSilver Ion Technology to combat foot odour and bacteria.

All FootActive sports insoles are highly rated by our customers, and you can shop with peace of mind thanks to our 30-day refund our refund or exchange policy.