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Insoles For Heels

Expertly Designed Insoles for Heels Approved by the NHS

Here at FootActive, we understand how abnormal movements in a single joint can interfere with proper movements in others, and it’s easy to see how walking with your feet shaped into high heels can lead to problems such as lower back pain. As with all of our Orthotic insoles, we have worked with our team of podiatrists and physiotherapists to ensure our high heel insoles not only help you feel comfortable but prevent mobility issues further down the line.

Our commitment to you is why we have been an NHS-approved supplier since 2010 and continue to make sure our ¾ length and gel insoles for high heels are at the cutting edge of Orthotic technology. And if you don’t feel the difference within a month, you can make use of our 30-day full refund or exchange policy.

Everyone who wears high heels knows that they are certainly not the most comfortable choice of footwear, but insoles for heels are designed to help. When you wear this type of shoe, your body’s centre of gravity is tilted forward which greatly increases the amount of pressure on the ball of your foot and can result in a painful burning sensation after just a short period of time. Here at FootActive, we have developed insoles for heels that counteract the effects of high heels, help prevent injuries and allow you to wear your favourite shoes pain-free!  

Whether you wear them regularly or just occasionally, it’s a good idea to use insoles for heels to reduce the pain and discomfort and help you walk more comfortably no matter the style you prefer. We have developed two great choices for you: a ¾ length Orthotic insert that’s great for combatting a range of foot problems, and our gel insoles for high heels that cushion the area to specifically target ball of foot pain.

Buy Gel Insoles for High Heels Designed by Podiatrists

Our Catwalk high heel insoles are a soft and discreet ¾ length insert that is invisible in most heels including sandals and open-toe styles. They are the perfect addition to shoes you find yourself slipping around inside, and are friction free thanks to the comfortable and soft velour top cover. These insoles for heels help eliminate ball of foot pain, aching feet and aching legs thanks to their double-action cushioning and even weight redistribution.

  • Cushioning at the ball of the foot reduces pressure by redistributing your body weight more evenly across the foot. You can walk with insoles for heels without burning or aching pains.
  • Our high heel insoles have slight arch support and Metatarsal supports prevent injury to the bones, ligaments and tendons in your arches, preventing painful foot conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis.
  • Adhesive sticker at the heel of our insoles for heels keeps the insole in place within coated-inner heels, reducing the likelihood of slipping or falling over.

FootActive self-adhesive Gel Heel Pads are gel insoles for high heels made from soft and flexible medical grade silicone and optimal polyurethane gel. They provide a great amount of padding exactly where needed at the ball of the foot and are repositionable so you can make wearing any pair of heels perfectly pain free.

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