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Badminton Insoles

Whether you’re an experienced badminton player or new to the sport, there is no doubt that it’s an energetic sport that keeps you on your toes. With such fast paced movements, it’s crucial to have the right support for your feet to allow you to perform at your best.

To help you advance your game, badminton insoles can help improve your technique while protecting you from injury, such as plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, Morton’s neuroma and metatarsalgia as well as just general, foot, ankle, arch, lower back, knee and heel pain.

What are badminton insoles?

Badminton insoles are an additional layer of support you can put in your badminton shoes that are designed to give extra support to the arches of your feet and absorb shock.

Benefits of wearing insoles for badminton

The addition of arch support insoles can help improve your performance when out on the badminton court as they actively enhance muscle performance by changing the distribution of pressure on your feet.

They also help ensure your body is aligned correctly, which means there is less chance of experiencing pain in your joints.

The cushioning the insoles provide for your feet can also help prevent injuries - both muscular injuries that can occur from rapid movements during play and also damage to the skin, as the insoles make the shoes fit better, so there is less room for slipping and friction.

Features of our badminton shoe insoles

The insoles have shock absorbent features which help reduce the impact on your body, particularly your joints, when making sudden movements or moving at a fast pace.

They also have foot stabilisation features which support the muscles in the legs and therefore prevent injury.

Do I need insoles for badminton shoes?

As badminton shoes are designed to provide extra support, you may not need insoles as well. However, if you’re looking to seriously improve your game, there is no doubt that insoles can help increase your performance.


Can you put insoles in badminton shoes?

Although badminton shoes are designed specifically to help improve your performance during the game, you can also use badminton insoles in your badminton shoes for additional support.

Adding an insole does reduce space inside the badminton shoe however, so you do have to be mindful of whether there is enough space to fit the insole in the particular type of badminton shoes you have.

Which badminton insoles shall I get for plantar fasciitis?

To ease the suffering from plantar fasciitis, get insoles with good arch support. This is because the pain is often caused when the plantar fascia absorbs too much shock, causing tearing. Having the correct support means less force is put on it.

Should badminton shoes be tight?

Badminton shoes should be reasonably tight against your feet so that your feet don’t slip inside the shoe. This is particularly key when moving around the court, stopping and starting abruptly.

However, you don’t want them to be too tight, as this may cause pain and discomfort. You may need to consider if you require wide fitting shoes if you find that your shoes are too tight.

How do I make my badminton shoes last longer?

Obviously, the more you wear a pair of shoes, the faster they will wear out. So you can prolong the life of your badminton shoes by exclusively wearing them for badminton. Don’t wear them for everyday use.

Using insoles may also help make your badminton shoes last longer as the insole will help absorb some of the impact, which can be a factor causing wear to your badminton shoes.

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