First Honey®

First Honey®

First Honey® products provide a forward-thinking and environmentally-friendly range of innovative healing products that have been tested and approved by medical professionals.

Enhanced with the highest quality rated active medical-grade Manuka honey from New Zealand, which has been proven to kill bacteria and promote healthy, effective healing, First Honey® products provide an alternative medical solution that reduces the use of antibiotics and chemically-engineered medicines. 

Ideal for the treatment of minor abrasions, lacerations, minor cuts, minor scalds, and burns, these effective and organic remedies encourage the body’s natural ability to heal and also nourish our skin, the largest organ of the human body.

First Honey® products are a natural and non-toxic addition to your medical kit. Free from artificial antibiotics, additives and irritants, they are user-friendly and easy to apply to even the most sensitive skin.

First Honey® Plasters And Dressings

Enhanced with sterile medical-grade Manuka honey from New Zealand, First Honey® plasters and dressings help promote organic healing. 

These moisture-rich dressings provide a moist protective barrier and prevent the wound from drying out and scabbing over, which can cause scarring.  First Honey® plasters and dressings are also extremely useful for treating blisters, as they not only reduce the risk of infection and accelerate recovery, but they are also thicker than standard shop-bought plasters, thus providing a cushion to prevent rubbing. 

They are easy to cut and fit to the form of your foot, so can be used to cover a wound on any area.

First Honey® Sterile Creams And Ointments

First Honey® sterile creams and ointments provide healing properties associated with medical-grade Manuka honey.   Sterile honey has healing properties because it offers antibacterial activity and high viscosity which helps to provide a moist protective barrier to prevent infection and minimise scarring. Additionally, medical-grade Manuka Honey’s low pH levels and high sugar contents aide in blocking the growth of microbes.