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First Honey®

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First Honey®

First Honey® products provide a forward-thinking and environmentally-friendly range of innovative healing products that have been tested and approved by medical professionals.

Enhanced with the highest quality rated active medical-grade Manuka honey from New Zealand, which has been proven to kill bacteria and promote healthy, effective healing, First Honey® products such as First Honey adhesive bandages provide an alternative medical solution that reduces the use of antibiotics and chemically-engineered medicines, providing a more natural approach to healing.

First Honey bandages are ideal for the treatment of minor abrasions, lacerations, minor cuts, minor scalds, and burns, these effective and organic remedies encourage the body’s natural ability to heal and also nourish our skin, the largest organ of the human body. With so many treatments for you to chose from First Honey manuka honey infused bandages are the perfect natural alternative to nourish the skin and help you to heal efficiently.

First Honey® manuka honey bandages and other products are a natural and non-toxic addition to your medical kit. Free from artificial antibiotics, additives and irritants, they are user-friendly and easy to apply to even the most sensitive skin. Due to the calming nature of honey bandages for wounds, you can use this as the perfect alternative to those with an allergy to other leading plasters, allowing you to prevent infection with First Honey plasters without affecting the surrounding skin.

First Honey® Plasters And Dressings

Enhanced with sterile medical-grade Manuka honey from New Zealand, First Honey® plasters and dressings help promote organic healing. 

These moisture-rich First Honey plasters provide a moist protective barrier and prevent the wound from drying out and scabbing over, which can cause scarring.  First Honey® plasters and dressings are also extremely useful for treating blisters, as they not only reduce the risk of infection and accelerate recovery, but they are also thicker than standard shop-bought plasters, thus providing a cushion to prevent rubbing. This is particularly useful for those that are allergic to traditional plasters as the First Honey adhesive bandages are kind to even the most sensitive skin, allowing you to reduce the risk of infection as much as possible whilst keeping the skin completely nourished. 

Each of the First Honey bandages we have on offer is easy to cut and fit the form of your foot, arm or other difficult area allowing you to prevent scaring and rubbing in even the most difficult places.

First Honey® Sterile Creams And Ointments

First Honey® sterile creams and First Honey ointment provide healing properties associated with medical-grade Manuka honey. Sterile honey found in the manuka honey infused bandages has healing properties because it offers antibacterial activity and high viscosity. This helps to provide a moist protective barrier to prevent infection and minimise scarring. Additionally, medical-grade Manuka Honey’s low pH levels and high sugar contents aid in blocking the growth of microbes making honey bandages for wounds the perfect solution when it comes to protecting the skin and preventing infection.

How It Works

The Science Behind First Honey

First Honey® products and First Aid honey dressings are powered by the healing properties of Manuka Honey. This unique honey comes from the Leptospermum species of plant in New Zealand and has been clinically proven to kill bacteria and assist with wound healing. With both First Honey sterile honey ointment and first honey bandages, you can be sure that you are getting the best possible care for your skin with only the best quality ingredients.


Step 1

First Honey 1

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is a natural saccharide found in the nectar of Leptospermum scoparium, commonly known as the Manuka tree, in New Zealand.

Step 2

FH 2

Bees draw their nectar from the Manuka flowers on our First Honey farms and turn it into honey. Over time the DHA in the nectar is gradually converted into a compound called Methylglyoxal (MGO) through a natural chemical reaction making it perfect for use in First Honey sterile honey ointment and plasters.

Step 3

FH 3

MGO is the main chemical responsible for the unique antibacterial activity in Manuka honey. Read the published research here.

Step 4

FH 4

Our beekeepers carefully harvest the Manuka honey and collect a sample from each batch which is independently lab tested for the precise level of MGO. The batches with the highest proven concentration of MGO are selected for further processing.

Step 5

FH 5


The final step is our Medical Grade extraction line which removes any impurities and potential allergens from the honey, yielding the purest Manuka honey with certified levels of MGO for use in our First Honey® first aid product range. Whether it is the manuka honey infused bandages you are looking for the First Honey sterile honey ointment, you can rest assured that you are only getting the best ingredients that are available to you.

Some further scientific reading that supports the clinical use of medical-grade Manuka honey:

Comprehensive In Situ Killing of Six Common Wound Pathogens With Manuka Honey Dressings (Watson D, Bergquist S, Nicholson J, Norrie DH) Read
The Use of Medical Grade Honey in Clinical Practice (Acton C, Dunwoody G) Read
The Use of Honey-Derived Dressings to Promote Effective Wound Management (Dunford C) Read
Pressure Ulceration and the Use of Active Leptospermum Honey for Debridement and Healing (Chaiken N) Read

 Take a look at our video to find out more:


First Honey FAQs

First Honey introduces a new range of revolutionary First Aid products enriched with the natural bioactive properties of medical-grade Manuka honey. With First Honey bandages and First Honey ointment as well as many other manuka honey infused bandages you can rest assured you are getting only the highest quality products for the treatment of your skin.

How does it work?

Medical-grade Manuka honey has become widely used by healthcare professionals to treat and manage wounds. Found only in New Zealand, Manuka honey contains the presence of Methylglyoxal (MGO) a potent healing compound that does not naturally occur in any other kinds of honey. Due to these healing properties, it is ideal for use in manuka honey bandages for effective treatment. Not only does it allow the skin to remain moisturised to prevent against scabbing, but it also allows for the skin to be completely nourished.

Why should I First Honey Adhesive Bandages?

The use of first aid honey dressings promotes faster, better healing and prevent infection, without the use of artificial antibiotics. Not only can it reduce the sign of scaring, but the nutrients from the manuka honey infused bandages help the skin to heal faster and look completely natural.

What does Medical Grade 12+ mean?

Manuka honey contains the presence of Methylglyoxal giving it the potent properties to mend and nourish our skin. The 12+ rating is a measurement of the natural chemical characteristics within Manuka honey, which assures its purity and efficacy when using first aid honey dressings. First Honey® tests every batch of Manuka honey used within our First Honey ointment and First Honey bandages to ensure it meets our strict criteria for Medical Grade usage, free of any contaminants or irritants.

What makes First Honey different?

The efficacy of the Manuka honey used in First Honey plasters and ointments is unparalleled due to its high standard for handling, placement of beehives, and manufacturing process. First Honey has a fully integrated ISO-accredited system to manage the honey from beehive to final product, ensuring that only the purest, highest-quality medical-grade Manuka honey is present in every bandage and tube.

Stop the overuse of antibiotics. According to the FDA, CDC, and World Health Organization, antibiotic resistance, which can result from the overuse of antibiotics, is the biggest problem facing medicine today. Many of the common, over-the-counter wound care ointments contain three antibiotics, yielding an exposure that’s equivalent to a prescription antibiotic pill given by a medical professional.

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