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Our Orthotic Footwear

Our orthopaedic slippersarch support sandals and flip flops and plantar fasciitis socks all provide support, relieving the symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

Foot problems can cause a series of issues in the rest of your body, including heel pain, knee pain, lower back pain and metatarsalgia, which is pain in the ball of your foot.

Standard flip flops are thin and unsupportive and being completely flat doesn't support your arches or prevent over-pronation, which is when your arches and ankles drop or roll inwards when you walk. This can cause painful damage to your feet along with symptoms of plantar fasciitis, including stabbing pains in your heels.

With our arch support shoes and footwear and arch support insoles, we can help to prevent all sorts of foot problems, pain and discomfort without having to go to the doctor.

Our Orthotic Flip Flops

Designed by Australian podiatrists, our orthotic sandals and flip-flops have been ergonomically designed with comfortable biomechanical arch support to help align and support your feet and the tarsal bar helps prevent toe scrunching.

Constructed of lightweight yet hard-wearing material they provide cushioning support to the whole foot and excellent walking comfort.

Available in four colours our orthopaedic flip flops will support you throughout the summer and all year round as useful indoor footwear.

Our Orthotic Slippers

Our orthopaedic slippers 3.0 are our new and improved range of slippers. Designed with you and your feet in mind, our new slippers feature a stronger, non-removable supportive footbed which provides long lasting stability and corrects over-pronation. Available in multiple styles and colours.

Our orthopaedic slippers 2.0 not only feature biomechanical arch support but they're also made from recycled materials. The upper part is made from Eurelle/PETT which feels just like wool but is made from recycled plastic bottles. We use up to 8 waste plastic bottles in every pair so using them not only helps your feet, it also helps the environment.

Designed to provide both long lasting durability and excellent comfort Zullaz arch support slippers are available in 4 colours and 12 sizes.

Our Supportive Plantar Fasciitis Socks

Our orthopaedic plantar fasciitis socks add support to the entire foot, help reduce swelling and can be worn at any time. They fit from the ball of the foot to the ankle and we recommend that they are worn under general socks for full support.

They will not restrict your range of motion, allowing you to go about your daily tasks with minimal pain. They can be worn in conjunction with our arch support insoles or can provide an alternative solution where shoes may be too small or tight to accommodate the insertion of an insole

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