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Insoles For Rugby Boots

There is no doubt that rugby is a highly physical sport that can put your feet under a lot of pressure, and there is a high risk of injury from the hard impact of the feet against the ground.

Insoles for rugby boots can both support and protect your feet as you train and play by absorbing some of this shock and reducing the strain on the lower body. They target the vulnerable areas of the feet that are likely to get damaged, preventing common foot problems and injuries and providing some comfort.

What are insoles for rugby boots?

Insoles for rugby boots are designed for shock absorption while playing to reduce the risk of injury to the joints and surrounding soft tissue.

They provide extra cushioning, not necessarily for comfort, but to reduce strain on the muscles in the feet and the legs, which is crucial in such a physically demanding sport. This, in turn, reduces problems with the lower back, which can be quite common in rugby players.

This type of arch support insole also stabilises the foot, which allows rugby players to perform to the best of their ability as the ankle muscles are less likely to become fatigued.

Benefits of wearing insoles for rugby boots

Rugby is a contact sport, so injuries are more common than not. Wearing rugby insoles can’t protect you from all injuries but they can lessen the chance of suffering from common foot related injuries, such as hamstring and ankle sprains or knee pain and ligament damage.

As they are also stabilising, they help to alter the position of your foot so your joints are more stable with less risk of overpronation (when the foot rolls inward as you step). This means they can help improve your stamina, as well as performance, as they allow you to reach your full potential.

Rugby boot insoles provide added comfort, not only helping your alignment but also allowing your feet to be supported by a sole that will mould to your individual foot shape. This also helps reduce the amount of pressure and friction applied to the foot.

Features of our rugby boot insoles

Our rugby boot insoles have great shock absorption to protect your feet from such a high impact sport. They disperse the stress from the force against the ground, so there is less impact to the feet and legs.

They also mould to the feet to provide a more customised experience that suits you.

Do I need insoles for rugby boots?

Rugby boots are good at protecting your feet. However, rugby is such a physically demanding sport that it's sensible to get added protection.

Your feet and lower limbs can undergo a lot of trauma from the sport and insoles can help reduce the damaging effects of this.


Can you put insoles in rugby boots?

Rugby insoles are designed to be placed inside rugby boots so that you have the benefits of both the insoles and the boots. Some rugby insoles are made to replace the original insole of the rugby boot, others can be placed on top.

Many are also customisable so you can cut them to shape so they fit perfectly to your foot and boot shape because everyone is different. Which rugby insoles shall I get for plantar fasciitis?

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, you would benefit from rugby insoles that realign the foot so that less pressure is placed on the plantar fascia. This reduces the risk of it tearing and ensures the feet and joints are working properly.

Should rugby boots be tight?

Rugby boots should be fitted to your feet so that you don’t slip when running and tackling. However, you don’t want them to be so tight that they are causing you pain.

Make sure you have the right size boot, check whether you need extra wide fittings and go for a thinner insole if there isn't enough room inside.

How do I make my rugby boots more comfortable?

Rugby boots are notoriously uncomfortable. However, rugby insoles can dramatically increase the comfort level of your boots.

They create a cushioned base so the impact against the ground is less harsh on your feet and they also absorb the shock so your feet feel less of the impact.

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