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Insoles For Trainers

For most types of physical or everyday activity, trainers are the ideal choice of footwear. Even if you don’t participate in any kind of sport or leisure activity, you’ve probably got a pair of trainers for everyday wear and comfort. For most people they are, after all, one of the most comfortable shoes out there.

However, the insoles that come with a lot of trainers are not always ideal. They are often flimsy and don’t come anywhere near providing the extra comfort and support required by even the gentlest of activities, even walking.

Staying active and taking part in physical activity generally keeps your body in good condition, but it can really take its toll on your feet. That’s why a lot of podiatrists and physiotherapists recommend investing in a pair of insoles suitable for trainers.

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Why are insoles for trainers important?

The main purpose of these insoles is to provide support and cushioning for your feet, particularly for everyday comfort and when exercising. They prevent discomfort and even common injuries associated with some forms of physical activity, such as walking and running.

Insoles for trainers can offset foot pain before a problem develops. For those with an existing foot condition, such as flat feet or heel spurs, these insoles for trainers could help put an end to pain entirely.

So, if you’re experiencing any kind of foot pain or tired and aching feet, a pair of insoles for trainers may be just what you need.

What do trainer insoles do?

One of the main advantages of insoles for trainers is their shock absorbing capability.

When feet hit the ground, whether walking or running, the resulting impact spreads shock back through the feet, up the legs and up through the body, potentially damaging ligaments and tendons.

Providing cushioning and support for your feet, insoles greatly reduce this impact, cutting the risk of pain in the lower back, hips and knees.

However, another important feature of our insoles for trainers is the support they give to the arch and heel. They are designed to effectively treat and prevent common injuries, such as plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, shin splints and heel pain.

The advanced design of our insoles for trainers also means they’re ideal for people who overpronate (when the foot rolls inwards while walking) or underpronate (when the foot rolls outwards).

Our trainer insoles

Both our FootActive Sports and FootActive Comfort shoe insoles for trainers are ideal for a wide range of activities, such as walking, running, golf, skateboarding, basketball and tennis.

Our full-length orthotic arch support insoles provide maximum comfort and superb levels of shock absorption, with plenty of arch support and cushioning to the heel and forefoot to treat and prevent common foot problems.

Their advanced design incorporates biomechanical reinforcement technology and their gel base helps to control excess pronation.

Our UltraLite insoles for trainers also feature a breathable top cover containing silver-ion technology to reduce foot odour and bacteria. With anti-pronation arch support, stabilising heel cup and impact absorbing pads, they are ideal for running ​​shoes.


Are these insoles good for everyday use?

Yes, absolutely. Our insoles for trainers are crafted to absorb shock and maximum comfort so you’re able to stay on your feet and move around for as long as you need to.

Perfect for everyday use, whether that’s just nipping to the shops or heading out with the family for the day, you’ll be sure to stay comfortable and pain free.

If you’re looking for insoles that provide maximum support and are of a more sturdy structure, you may be interested in our FootActive Medical insoles, which feature an even stronger arch support.

These are also suitable for all lace up footwear including trainers, walking boots and work boots.

Do these insoles work for running?

Running is an activity where there is almost constant impact from feet hitting the ground. By absorbing this impact, running insoles can help prevent damage to ligaments and tendons, along with other injuries associated with running.

What do trainer insoles do?

In addition to shock absorption, trainer insoles will cushion the foot and provide support, particularly to the wheel and arch. They are orthotically designed to also prevent common sports injuries.

Where do you put insoles?

The most popular form of insoles for trainers are those which cover the whole footbed of the trainer, from the toe to the heel. Gel heel pads are also available.

Do insoles help shoes fit better?

Insoles for trainers can certainly enhance the fit of your shoes, especially if your trainers are a little too large. That’s because they hold the foot in a more stable position, preventing it from moving around.

If you have any questions about our insoles for trainers, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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