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Skateboard Insoles

Let’s face it, whether you’re going off the vert, racing downhill, on the street or ripping up a park, your body is going to have to put up with some grievous impact when skateboarding.

And, along with your legs, your feet are probably in for the most serious pounding of all. That’s why you should seriously consider getting yourself a pair of skateboard insoles.

They’re not only designed to absorb impact, but are engineered to give you the support you need when pulling off that big jump, or not. You’ll also be less likely to injure yourself and far more comfortable in your skate shoes, especially if they’re the vulcanised type.

Why you need skateboard insoles

Despite what the manufacturers may claim, the insoles that come with your new skateboard kicks can often be a big disappointment.

It seems skate brands just don’t design their shoes with active boarders in mind. Most factory insoles just don’t have the impact protection required by skaters pushing the limits on their board.

This is why we know you’ll find our best shoe insoles for skateboarding such a game changer. So much so that you’ll probably never leave the house again without them.

So, what do they do?

Skateboarding insoles have many advantages over stock insoles. First off, they add an extra layer of comfort that’ll prevent injury and tired and aching feet, even if you’ve been on your board all day.

If you also have trouble with shin splints this added cushioning will go a long way to making you far more comfortable. But there are other big benefits too.

Shock absorption

We’re sure you’re all too familiar with that feeling you get when you hit the concrete. That feeling when the impact travels through your feet and up your body and through your joints.

The shock absorbing and cushioning features you’ll find in a good pair of skateboard insoles can significantly reduce the pressure on your foot, and the stress and fatigue this creates. So you should avoid those injuries that come when you land from a height or bail out of a big technical trick.


The best insoles for skateboarding will position your foot in just the right position when it’s in your skate shoe. This means your ankles, legs and joints will also be aligned in an ergonomic way.

But, why is this so important? Well, for a start, by ensuring bones and tissues don’t extend and flex beyond their normal range, skateboard insoles are ideal for skaters with existing pain in the joints or soft tissue.

They can also help combat underpronation (when the foot rolls outwards when walking) and overpronation (when the foot rolls inwards).

Arch and heel support

Skateboard shoe insoles with arch support can really take the edge off the pain and stress caused by the severe intense gripping motion the toes naturally make any time you’re on your board.

Reliable arch support in a skateboard insole is particularly needed if you’ve flat feet or have a condition, such as plantar fasciitis or achilles tendonitis, while good heel support can alleviate any heel pain you have.

Odour protection

The moisture-wicking features of our skateboarding shoe insoles ensure your feet will remain dry, cool and comfortable all day long.

As they’re made from a breathable material, they’ll also control excessive perspiration and, by preventing the growth of any nasty bacteria, put a stop to any equally nasty odours, all while prolonging the life of the insole itself.

Our FootActive skateboard insoles

Developed by Australian sports podiatrists, our range of premium orthotic sports insoles are ideal for skateboard shoes.

They have outstanding levels of cushioning from their gel pads and shock absorption from a cushioning mid layer. A soft-glide, moisture-wicking top layer will also absorb sweat and neutralise odours, ensuring your feet will stay fresh, even after the longest day out on your board.

When you’re not skateboarding, our sports insoles can easily be removed and used for a wide range of other leisure and sporting activities - from running and athletics to skiing, snowboarding, walking and working out at the gym.

Our range also includes slimline, NHS-approved football boot insoles, which are also suitable for rugby boots and walking boots.


Why do arches hurt when skateboarding?

Arch pain when skateboarding is caused by repetitive stress on the bottom of the feet and the intense gripping motion of the toes, which can lead to arch complaints such as plantar fasciitis. This is why skateboard insoles with arch supports can really help.

Do skateboarding insoles help with flat feet?

If you’re a skateboarder with flat feet (sometimes referred to as fallen arches) skateboard insoles with arch support and cushioning will certainly make boarding a more comfortable experience, while reducing the risk of pain and injury.

How can I make my skate shoes more comfortable?

The simple answer is to invest in a pair of skateboard insoles. The extra player of comfort and cushioning they provide will enable you to stay out much longer on your board.

If you need any further advice on skateboard insoles, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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