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Basketball Shoe Insoles

There are obvious health benefits to be gained from playing basketball. After all, it’s a fast-paced game that involves quite a lot of running and jumping. But there is a downside and that’s the stress it places on your feet, especially with all that fancy footwork.

However, there’s one simple way you can reduce the risk of injury and absorb all those shocks that hit your feet when they come into contact with a hard court. And that’s by using a pair of our supportive basketball shoe insoles.

What are basketball shoe insoles?

With so many basketball shoes being made to suit all kinds of different people, the factory insole is often a secondary consideration in the design and manufacturing process.

The best insoles for basketball shoes are those which have been designed to accommodate all those moves that are specific to the game, and the particular stresses which your feet are subject to while playing it.

The benefits of wearing basketball insoles

Basketball is a high impact sport played on a hard surface. As such, there’s an almost constant shock travelling through the feet and ankles, going up to your knees and hips and even reaching your lower back.

With proper support and protection from a pair of basketball shoe insoles, this shock can be absorbed with the reduced impact helping to prevent foot pain, heel pain, knee problems and lower back pain.

Providing an essential level of support, the best basketball insoles will also improve your balance and correct overpronation (the inward rolling of the foot), while their additional padding is ideal for those with weak feet or joint problems.

Features of our basketball insoles

Our basketball insoles, which are also suitable for other sports, such as football, rugby, hiking, tennis and even skateboarding, incorporate features which increase comfort and reduce the risk of injury. They include:

  • Advanced slimline design
  • Firm outer shell support
  • Cushioning polymer mid layer
  • Shock absorbing gel pads
  • Biomechanics arch support
  • Soft-glide, moisture wicking top layer

Let’s look at some of those features in more detail:

Arch support

Believe us, whatever your foot shape, you’re going to be needing some form of high arch support in your basketball kicks, especially if you already have flat feet. You’ll be surprised by the difference they make.

Shock absorbing gel pads

No matter how often you play, your feet take quite a pounding when you’re out on the court. This is why some form of shock absorption is so important, particularly if you have bad joints or play hard, which can help reduce pain.

Firm outer shell support

Insoles which are too soft just won’t cut it when it comes to the demands of basketball. As the firm outer shell of our full length orthotic insoles for basketball shoes will hold your feet steady, improving balance and, therefore, performance.

Do I need insoles for basketball?

There’s no getting around the fact; if you play basketball you’re going to experience quite a bit of impact on your lower body. So if you want to prevent strains, reduce muscle fatigue and increase both comfort and stability, then you definitely need some basketball shoe insoles.


What are the most common injuries for basketball players?

As basketball courts are generally made from hardwood, or concrete if you’re shooting hoops outside, the impact of constantly running and jumping on these unforgiving surfaces can cause stress fractures - small cracks in the bones of your foot which are often hard to diagnose.

Other common foot problems experienced by basketball players include flat feet and the inflammation of the plantar fascia, also known as plantar fasciitis, a leading cause of which is the lack of proper support in lightweight basketball shoes.

There’s also the dreaded basketball heel, caused by the repetitive overuse of bones or tendons.

Can insoles make you jump higher?

If you’re asking if basketball insoles can help you jump higher, the short answer to that is no. True, there are lots of different benefits of using basketball shoe insoles, but that’s not one of them, unfortunately.

However, as the best basketball insoles do increase comfort and reduce the risk of injury, you will be able to train for longer and, as we all know, practice makes perfect.

So, in a kind of abstract way, insoles for basketball shoes will improve your on-court performance.

Do basketball players wear insoles?

Regardless of skill level, basketball shoe insoles can benefit anyone, and that includes some of the most famous professional basketball players.

In fact, given the tough nature of the professional game, they have become a necessity for many major league stars looking to avoid injury and protect their feet.

How can insoles help basketball players?

Footwear companies often encourage basketball players to wear lightweight sneakers that often have minimal support.

They promise to help you be light on your feet as you move across the court. Unfortunately, without the right support, you can wind up with serious foot problems that will keep you from moving on the court at all.

But don’t worry. You can still lace up your favourite pair of Jordan’s while getting the support you need in your arch, ankle, and heel. Start by taking out the factory insoles your sneakers came with and replacing them with the best basketball insoles.

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