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NHS-Approved Kids Insoles

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You can buy FootActive Kids children’s arch support insoles UK sizes 11 – 2½ (EU 29 – 34) as they are specifically designed to be beneficial during this period of growth. Once your child’s feet grow to UK size 3 (EU 36), you can choose from our comprehensive range of adult insoles for the most suitable type for your child’s needs. Our full-length children’s insoles are suitable for most types of children’s footwear including school shoes and sports shoes, while the ¾ length are ideal for more restrictive styles. Both can be trimmed to size with regular scissors.

Treating foot conditions in children as early as possible is key to giving them the best chance for a pain and problem-free future. It’s always best to get a professional opinion from a paediatric podiatrist or paediatric orthoptic surgeon and use FootActive Kids insoles in conjunction with a recommended treatment plan.

If you are worried that your child is suffering from foot problems, it’s worthwhile to get them a pair of children’s insoles. Flat feet in children of up to six years is nothing to worry about because their bones and joints are more flexible, and the arch may in fact become visible when kids stand on their tiptoes. If your child hasn’t developed an arch beyond six years old, is complaining about foot, leg or lower back pain, or is walking on the inner sides of their feet rather than the soles, it’s a good idea to see a paediatric podiatrist. They will be able to assess whether this is a more serious condition such as Achilles tendon, tightness of the heel cord that limits foot motion, or painful Sever’s Disease, and may recommend children’s insoles as part of their treatment plan. 

Correcting foot problems at an early age is achieved through a combination of stretching exercises and wearing specially designed Orthotic insoles for children’s shoes. With very little disruption to their lifestyle, children’s insoles can help them develop a better walking pattern, eliminate pain and prevent future problems as they grow.

Treat Sever’s Disease and Fallen Arches with Children’s Arch Support Insoles UK

FootActive’s physiotherapist-recommended insoles for children’s shoes are medical-grade corrective inserts designed by our in-house podiatrists to help with the treatment of Sever’s Disease and Plantar Fasciitis as well as heel, knee and back pain in children. Whether you choose the Kids Full Length or ¾ Length Kids insoles, your child will benefit from a range of professionally developed biomechanical support features.

  • Our kids insoles have shock absorbing heel pads and forefoot pads (heel pad only in ¾ length) let kids run and jump as much as they want while preventing impact related pain and injuries such as stress fractures.
  • Firm support in insoles for children’s shoes stabilises the foot, preventing muscles from becoming overworked, while the soft velour top cover will feel soft to the foot.
  • Biomechanical Metatarsal arch support and deep heel cup in our children’s insoles realign the foot and ankle, improving walking pattern and posture.

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