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Best Insoles For Tennis Shoes

Whether you just play every now and again or you’re on the court at every available opportunity, you’ll know all too well that tennis is a game which can be quite punishing on your body.

It’s all about short, quick movements, in every conceivable direction. Then there’s the stretching involved in returning those fiendish serves. So there’s going to be some considerable strain on your joints, muscles and, especially, your feet. But with a pair of insoles for tennis shoes, you’ll definitely have the advantage.

What are tennis orthotics?

If you’ve not come across the word before, orthotics are special shoe or heel inserts which are used to prevent or treat foot problems, but also pain in the legs or lower back.

Tennis orthotics can also help reduce the risk of certain injuries, such as plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis associated with the sport, having other features which can improve balance and stability.

The benefits of wearing insoles for tennis shoes

The best insoles for tennis shoes will provide extra support which will alleviate some of the pressure on your feet and ankles, reducing the chances of experiencing stress fractures and damaging muscles and delicate ligaments.

Tennis orthotics play a great part too in reducing the shockwaves which travel through your feet, ankles and knees every time you hit the ground; and in tennis that can be quite often. While the body is designed to assimilate some of this impact, the best shock absorbing insoles for tennis will reduce the wear and tear to your feet.

As insoles for tennis shoes will also hold your feet solidly (although not uncomfortably) in place, your weight will be evenly distributed, thus improving stability and balance.

Features of our tennis insoles

Our insoles for tennis shoes, which are also suitable for other sports, such as football, rugby, hiking, basketball and even skateboarding, incorporate features which can help you enhance your performance, increase comfort and avoid injury. They include:

  • Advanced slimline design
  • Firm outer shell support
  • Cushioning polymer mid layer
  • Shock absorbing gel pads
  • Biomechanics arch support
  • Soft-glide, moisture wicking top layer

Do I need insoles for tennis shoes?

It’s true to say that most manufacturers give little thought to the insoles they provide with their shoes. So there is definitely room for improvement when it comes to the inners which come with your new tennis shoes.

Just like most other types of footwear, comfort is a big consideration. And a lot of factory-supplied insoles for tennis shoes just aren’t up to the job when it comes to comfort, not to mention support. So, if you want to feel and play your best out on the court, you do need some tennis shoe replacement insoles.


What are the most common tennis injuries?

A good game of tennis will put a lot of stress on your feet, especially when you're turning quickly or coming to a sudden stop, which can push your toes against the front of your tennis shoes.

The movements involved in the game can cause a range of common foot complaints. Along with ankle pain, these can include plantar fasciitis, Morton's neuroma, metatarsalgia and achilles tendonitis.

By improving alignment and preventing abnormal movement of the foot, tennis insoles can greatly reduce the risk of experiencing these problems.

What are the best insoles for tennis?

Unless you’re a high-performing tennis player or you suffer from recurring biomechanical injuries, it’s unlikely you’ll need custom-made tennis orthotics.

But, with some much choice when it comes to over-the-counter products, you should make sure that, like ours, your new insoles for tennis have arch support, rather than cushioned, soft insoles which provide no support at all.

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So, before you step on to the court for your next game, step into a pair of tennis insoles and experience an outstanding level of comfort and support.

Our insoles for tennis shoes are just one of a range of FootActive sports insoles. We also have a choice of orthopaedic footwear, such as slippers, flip flops, sandals with arch support and supportive socks.

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