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Arch support insoles are specifically designed for your foot problem, whatever that might be. Pain in your foot, limbs and back could all be caused by unsupportive and ineffective footwear. Our premium arch support inserts mean you can continue your lifestyle, without compromise.


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NHS Approved Arch Support Insoles UK

Arch support insoles feature deep, comforting heel cups that help to align the foot into the right position. This helps to reduce or prevent over pronation or rolling by cushioning and controlling how the foot can move within the shoe. All our insoles are designed with sophisticated holistic, medical technologies, using premium materials for the support you need. Shop by category or browse our foot problem pages to identify the treatment that is right for you.

FootActive arch support insoles UK are best-selling products, recommended as a medical treatment by the NHS. This is because we target and help relieve the pain caused by degenerative conditions such as arthritis, Morton’s neuroma and flat feet. The experts here at FootActive understand that these concerns can be debilitating and have a huge impact on our patient’s quality of life. 


The body is biomechanical, and we work with podiatrists to understand the medical workings of the foot, limbs and back. This means we can provide complimentary and combative arch support insoles that provide quality care for the target area of pain, without impacting any other area of the body. Arch support insoles work to ensure areas of the body work in sync together.

Other methods of pain management in the feet can cause problems elsewhere in the long run, which is why arch support insoles UK are the recommended, effective means for dealing with degenerative foot health concerns and injuries caused by activities.

All the arch support inserts we provide are pre-made and ready for you to pop into whatever shoes you wish to wear, but we are so confident that they will bring you relief and support that we offer a 30 day refund or exchange policy.

Arch Support Insoles To Combat Foot Pain

Our FootActive Comfort insoles are the most popular and best-selling arch support insoles, which provide a medium degree of support as the full-length insoles but afford more flexibility as the shorter size can be placed in tapered shoes and sandals for those who need to wear arch supports in warmer months or slender shoes.

FootActive are the foot experts and we design specific arch support insoles to specifically target the most common foot problems. Our medical-grade arch support inserts are designed for many foot conditions, such as Metatarsalgia and Plantar Fasciitis to alleviate pain.

 The medical range of arch support insoles UK provides the firmest degree of support, made from high-density EVA and microfibre topper to encourage good foot hygiene. In turn, the Sensi range is the softest arch support insole we manufacture and is designed to specifically help those with sensitive feet or conditions such as diabetes or arthritis. These products were developed to reduce the risk of wound development as issues can be harder to spot with diabetes, due to weakened nerve endings. All our other arch support inserts provide a medium degree of support.

You can shop arch supports by category and shoe type, including catwalk insoles and gel heel pads which are ideal for women that develop fat pad atrophy, which causes pain in the heel due to specific strain. Ergonomic arch support insoles for women could help prevent the long-term effects of many fashion shoes that do not have quality soles.

The sports insoles have a moisture-wicking surface that helps to keep feet fresh in trainers and walking boots, so whatever your preferred type of activity, we have a suitable arch support insole to prevent pain and help your foot health. Other supports in this range are designed for the slimmer design of sports boots, or UltraLight to ensure your performance is not hindered by our insole designs. To help you maintain your outdoorsy lifestyle, the Nature and Nature Plus arch support insoles UK have a leather surface for all-day hiking comfort.

Of course, working insoles help prevent the aches and pains commonly felt by people that work on their feet all day. These are available for bulk order to ensure you are providing your team with the care and relief they deserve. For more information choosing the arch support insoles UK that are right for you, get in touch with the team at FootActive. We will be able to provide advice before you buy and help you manage the pain caused by your foot problems.