What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a general term for inflammation of the joints, many of which cause foot problems and pain throughout the lower body. Generic symptoms of arthritis include inflammation and swelling anywhere the body has soft tissue, including the toes, ankles and hips. This causes pain and stiffness which can result in limited activity and mobility as the joints become unable to manage weight to pressure to the affected area. Sometimes it is the case that the cartilage has worn away from the bone, causing them to rub uncomfortably.  Arthritis treatment can help prevent both the pain and the worsening effects of the condition.


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Types of Arthritis

Although arthritis is often considered a degenerative disease, it is reported and found in young people, also. This is called Juvenile arthritis which is found in those under 16 and can get progressively worse. However, the one of the most common types of arthritis in the feet is called Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). This is a chronic disorder that affects the immune system. It most commonly effects those who are aged between 40 – 50. The condition wears away at the joint, starting from the outside and moving in. This effects the joint’s shape if proper arthritis treatment is not utilised.The second most common kind of arthritis to affect the feet is Osteoarthritis. This is the most common kind of arthritis in the UK, wearing away at the cartilage lining, which results in over exerted tendons and ligaments.  

As arthritis is a progressive condition, it is important that proper arthritis treatment is employed over time. The severity of the case will impact the treatment options available, but as there is no cure, all arthritis treatments are focused on preventative measures and limiting pain.

Can Arthritis Create Other Problems?

Other common foot problems can occur as a result of kinds of arthritis in the feet. For example, nodules or hard lumps can appear on the pad of the heel, over the Achilles tendon and wherever the foot has prominent bones. Insoles designed for arthritis treatment can also help these knock-on effects, as they will comfort and can help to protect against rubbing.

Lack of foot care and arthritis treatment can also cause callous and corns to appear on the feet. It is vital that the removal of all callous and corns is done properly, as improper removal can remove healthy skin that is protecting the foot.

Natural Treatments For Arthritis

Natural or holistic arthritis treatments are often the best way to prevent pain from progressing. As the condition worsens, those who experience arthritis may become eligible candidates for alternative treatments. Before that point, natural treatments are the best way to combat pain and support the joints.

Reducing Exercise – We would not encourage lowering the level of activity unless it is becoming a threat to other areas of health for your body. During a flare-up, the best and most advised arthritis treatment is to avoid strenuous activity. Any undue or unnecessary pressure on the inflamed joints can worsen their condition.

Appropriate Orthotics – Orthotic inserts and supportive footwear have been proven to contribute to the slowing of arthritis development and joint changes. Our full range of orthotics are designed to support and help to realign the foot even as arthritis affects the shapes of the joints and the natural shape alters. The Foot Active Medical Insole provides strong arch support, deep heel cup and metatarsal support, which comforts and protects all areas of the foot, providing shock absorption that minimises the impact of putting weight on the foot.

For more information about products that help to manage the pain of arthritis or can be used for arthritis treatment, get in touch with the team here at Foot Active.

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