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Golf Shoe Insoles

The three to six miles you’ll be walking during a typical round of golf may sometimes be tiring for the legs, but that's just one of the many exertions your body will experience when out on the golf course.

As you’ll doubtless know, golf involves your body doing a lot of twisting when swinging any club, apart from your putter. This twisting motion during a golf swing can overturn your foot, particularly if the weight transference isn't as smooth as it could be.

However, a good pair of golf shoe insoles will provide support and stability for the foot, as well as an additional level of comfort when you’re covering those miles on the fairway.

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What are golf shoe insoles?

Most golfers are constantly looking for ways to improve their game, whether that involves trying a new grip, buying a new club or just checking out an online tutorial.

But there's one small change that could make a big difference, especially when it comes to endurance, balance and comfort.

The possibility of damaging the feet while playing golf is a lot higher than most people believe. The best golf insoles will ensure your foot is fully supported and far less likely to be sprained if you happen to twist too far during your swing.

Golf shoe inserts also improve your balance, while their added cushioning makes it easier to repeat a stance.

Benefits of wearing golf insoles

To truly help with your golf game, your insoles need to provide firm support that holds up over 18 holes. And that often means that the insoles which came with your golf shoes just aren’t up to the job.

As well as reducing the risk of injury, there are three main ways in which golf shoe inserts can help, and even bring about a noticeable improvement to your game.

Staying power

The best golf sports insoles will limit pronation, which is the natural movement of the foot and the way it rolls inward to distribute impact. Limiting pronation in your stance not only aids accuracy, but also reduces fatigue. And less fatigue means better focus.


As golf shoe inserts provide a great deal of added support and shock absorption, balance is improved by spreading the contact on the bottom of your feet across a larger area, thus increasing stability. And feeling more grounded during your swing could lead to a longer drive.


Few things can ruin a day on the course like sore feet. And if you’re experiencing any discomfort, that can really put you off your game. However, insoles with arch support will add an extra degree of comfort which means you can negotiate even the longest of courses.

Features of our golf shoe inserts

Our golf insoles, which are also suitable for other sports, incorporate features which can help you enhance your performance, increase comfort and avoid injury. They include:

  • Advanced slimline design
  • Firm outer shell support
  • Cushioning polymer mid layer
  • Shock absorbing gel pads
  • Biomechanics arch support
  • Soft-glide, moisture wicking top layer

Do I need insoles for golf?

Just like most other footwear, the design of golf shoes has certainly evolved over the years. And, just like choosing any other type of shoe, traction and comfort are a major consideration.

However, to fit the widest range of people, golf shoes are manufactured with minimal support. So if you want to avoid injury, feel more comfortable and improve your balance, you’ll definitely need a pair of golf shoe inserts with arch support.


What are the most common injuries for golfers?

If you’re a regular golfer, you may be all too aware that your favourite sport can cause lower back pain and knee pain. That’s on top of some specific foot problems, including plantar fasciitis, flat feet, heel pain, metatarsalgia, Morton’s neuroma and tendonitis.

How can insoles help golfers with their game?

As the best golf insoles can greatly improve body alignment and help maintain a stable posture, they could certainly lead to a more powerful swing.

In fact, studies have found that experienced golfers who used golf orthotic insoles were able to increase clubhead velocity by between three and five mph, which roughly translates as an extra 15 yards.

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Our golf shoe insoles are just one of a range of FootActive sports insoles.

We also provide a range of insoles that helps various foot problems such as heel pain and tired and aching feet, along with a choice of orthopaedic footwear, such as slippers, flip flops, sandals with arch support and supportive socks.

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