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Our Best Ski Boot Insoles

While the millions of people around the world who go skiing and snowboarding each year enjoy a great time out on the slopes, there are a number of common complaints and foot injuries associated with this exhilarating sport.

From ankle sprains to blisters and bruises, many of these conditions can be prevented by ensuring your ski boots fit correctly. However, ski boot insoles can also play a big part in ensuring a pain-free skiing break, even if you’ve never had problems with your feet.

Why you need ski boots insoles

While many ski boots come with insoles, the ones provided by the manufacturer are not always of the best quality. And they do not provide the targeted support you need to ski at your best for longer.

Replacing factory-standard ski boot insoles with orthotic arch support insoles means far more support and far less strain on the arch of your foot. The best ski boot insoles will also help to improve the transfer of power and weight.

So, whether you’re buying or hiring your ski boots, we’d recommend taking some orthotic insoles with you on your next ski trip.

How do ski boot insoles work?

A good insole can make all the difference between staying out on the slopes all day and having to head back to the chalet after a few hours in the morning, even if you’re an experienced skier.

But just what do ski boot insoles do? Well, perhaps most importantly, they add a much needed level of additional comfort, preventing tired and aching feet. But there are other key benefits.


To absorb shocks, the human foot has naturally evolved to become mobile when it comes into contact with a surface, while walking for example. The foot then stiffens at the end of a stride to aid propulsion. During this flexing and stiffening, the shape of the foot changes constantly in all directions.

As the rigid shell of a ski boot has no flexibility, they are far from being the most comfortable footwear.

Unfortunately, neither do they allow for any flexing of the foot, meaning problems can soon occur. Ski boot insoles stabilise any excessive motion and prevent the unsupported foot collapsing and pressing against the stiff internal walls of the boot.

This is why ski boot insoles will be of particular benefit from those who suffer from the infamous and very common foot problem ‘skiers toe’. This is caused by the toes banging against the end of a ski boot, with the repetitive pressure and trauma turning the toenails black.


When the foot is held in a stable position, as mentioned above, perhaps surprisingly you’ll also feel the benefits in other parts of your body.

Your hips and legs will become straighter, meaning they are better able to cope with the forces placed on them while skiing. This not only reduces leg fatigue, but will significantly improve your control and stance.


Maintaining your balance is not always easy when you’re on a pair of skis, particularly if you’ve little experience. Again, the enhanced stability of feet resting on ski boot insoles spreads to other parts of the body, helping you to keep your balance and remain upright when skiing.

Balance is also improved as ski boot insoles distribute your weight evenly throughout your whole foot, with this increased contact area giving more sensory feedback to the brain.

FootActive ski boot insoles

Our premium orthotic sports insoles are ideal for ski boots, with outstanding levels of cushioning from their gel pads and shock absorption from a cushioning mid layer. A soft-glide, moisture-wicking top layer also ensures your feet will stay fresh, even after a long day on the slopes.

Developed by Australian sports podiatrists, our ski boot insoles have a built-in metatarsal pads and mild arch support to control excess pronation. So, as well as stability, comfort and performance, they also provide the support needed to correct any biomechanical imbalances or foot injuries, including plantar fasciitis, flat feet, achilles tendonitis and heel spurs.

Away from the ski resort, our insoles for ski boots can be removed and used for a range of other sporting activities which also involves using boots with little in-built support or cushioning, including football, hiking, rugby and tennis.


Would you recommend thermal insoles in ski boots?

If you’ve ever been out on the slopes you’ll know how cold your feet can get, especially if you’re a beginner and not moving as much. The thermal qualities of ski boot insoles will help keep your feet warm, making for a more enjoyable day’s skiing.

How do ski boot insoles work?

As well as adding a level of additional comfort, orthotic ski boot insoles are carefully designed and shaped to enhance stability, alignment and balance. So insoles for ski boots can even improve your performance.

Can you wear insoles in ski boots?

Yes, the best ski boot insoles provide targeted support for your feet and can help prevent common ski injuries. So we would definitely recommend adding ski boot insoles.

How can I make my ski boots more comfortable?

The simple answer is to buy a pair of ski boot insoles. In the vast majority of cases, these will be far more comfortable than the ski boot insoles which came with your boots, especially if you’re renting them.

How do I stop my feet from hurting in ski boots?

With ski boot insoles there will be far more support and less strain on your feet, particularly on the arch of your foot. So the best ski boot insoles will definitely prevent sore and aching feet.

If you need any further advice on ski boot insoles, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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