Smelly and stinky feet often attract all the wrong attention. Many people try to ignore the smell because it’s simply not nice, but it is important that it is addressed properly. Your stinky feet can be a key indication that your foot health or general hygiene is not quite up to scratch. You could be doing everything you need to get rid of foot odour, but it’s not quite passing muster. It is important to first understand what causes stinky feet, as the best way to get rid of foot odour is to avoid the cause.


The cause of foot odour is moisture and bacteria. Good bacteria are found naturally in the feet as they break down dead skin and other cells and molecules. When the bacteria are compromised by moisture (sweat), bad smells occur.

Therefore, foot odour most commonly occurs in the hot weather or high temperatures, but chronic sufferers experience year-round odours. Foot odour is also extremely prevalent (and hardest to get rid of) in those who are experiencing dramatic hormonal changes, namely pregnant women or teenagers going through puberty. Pregnant women also frequently suffer from swollen feet, which can make their footwear restrictive, which results in further sweating and smells. Unfortunately, this is not within your control, but you can manage or minimise your foot odour with the tips below.

Diabetic Foot health is also very important and foot odour can be quite common. Diabetics should be particularly cautious of any changes in their feet and should always consult their doctor as soon as possible. You are also more susceptible to foot odour if you suffer from hyperhidrosis. This is where the body sweats more than average, often as a result of stress or anxiety.


The Latest Tips on How to Get Rid Of Foot Odour


  1. Absorbent Socks

Wearing absorbent socks in your shoes can help dry up sweat and leaves the good bacteria to do its job. Absorbent socks are often breathable, also. Avoid synthetic materials such as nylon as your sweat can’t evaporate and the material also can’t absorb the moisture. This means it’s just swimming around inside your sock, causing the smell!

  1. Open Shoes Wherever Possible

To reduce the temperature inside your shoes, just keep things light and airy with open footwear. Open footwear helps get rid of foot odour for obvious reasons; feet can air out and stay cool. Additionally, wearing open shoes or sandals is a much more beneficial alternative to bare feet, which can invite harmful bacteria into the area. For pregnant women or those who still need supportive footwear, FootActive supply supportive flip flops that are designed by podiatrists to provide comfort and keep your feet in good condition!

  1. Separate Your Soaps

Of course it is imperative to keep as clean as possible to prevent stinky feet! But did you know that the chemicals in your soaps and products could be interfering with the natural bacteria in your feet which could be why you can’t get rid of your foot odour?

You can keep using your favourite soaps for the rest of your shower but introduce an anti-bacterial wash for your feet. This will kill any harmful bacteria and help maintain good foot health.

  1. Check Your Insoles

Many sports people and athletes experience foot odour as they sweat when they exercise. It could also be the case that their shoes or trainers are too tight. It is important to buy breathable sports footwear and to also check your insoles. It is important to keep your shoes clean, but in lieu of that, make sure your insoles stay fresh. You should replace them after a year of excessive or heavy use.

Make sure you are practising quality foot hygiene, including washing your feet twice per day and drying properly with a clean towel.

Very rarely, your sweating feet can indicate an underlying medical condition. If you can’t get rid of your foot odour even after following these top tips, you should consult your doctor or podiatrist. They may be able to prescribe a strengthened anti-perspirant or medical procedures, such as mild electro-therapy.

For more information on overall foot health and the use of orthotic insoles, please contact the expert team at FootActive.