June 2022

The Dangers of Not Taking Care of Minor Injuries Properly

It could be argued that health is the most crucial element in anybody’s life.  Good health is what allows you to get up every morning and do the things you love the most. It’s something that we should never take for granted. However, accidents do happen, and minor injuries can occur.  At some point in […]

Pre and Post-marathon Recovery: How To Look After Your Body

Deciding to run a marathon is a big decision and one that should not be taken lightly. Long-distance running can pose a great strain on your body, both physically and mentally, so it’s crucial that you focus on your marathon training and post-marathon recovery in equal parts.  Training for a marathon will help your body […]

6 Marathon Training Activities To Help With Your Preparation

It’s often thought that the only way to prepare for a marathon is by following strict marathon training programs.  Although it’s important to gradually increase your mileage as part of your training for a marathon, there are other things you should focus on as well. And so in this latest blog as part of our […]

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