FootActive Football Plus

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FootActive Football Plus - Slimline insoles for football, rugby, hockey boots


  • Slimline, supportive insole for most types of football, rugby, hockey and cycling boots
  • Developed by Australian Sports Podiatrists
  • Mild arch support to control excess pronation
  • Built in Metatarsal raise
  • TPU shell and shock absorbing gel pads
  • Comfortable, micro-fibre top layer
  • Can be trimmed with scissors for a perfect fit
  • All FootActive products come with a 30-day full refund or exchange policy

Playing sports like football, rugby and hockey involve a lot of high impact movements like jumping, cutting, landing and running, all of which place a great deal of pressure on the feet, ankles and legs. Biomechanical imbalances (over-pronation) greatly increase the risk of injury when playing.

To prevent injury, strength and stretching programmes are important.  In addition, foot orthotics to correct biomechanical imbalances allow the player to perform better and minimise the risk of injury.

Unlike running shoes, football/rugby boots do not have any in-built support or cushioning.  FootActive Football Plus insoles have been designed by sports podiatrists to re-align the feet and correct over-pronation.  The narrow design and low arch profile create the perfect fit inside the boot without cramping the foot, while their support and cushioning help provide comfort.

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