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Orthopaedic Shoes with Arch Support



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Do you struggle with foot pain, and think you could benefit from tried and tested orthopaedic shoes? At FootActive, we combine style, science, and comfort with our range of supportive shoes, suitable for all foot conditions and problems. Browse our range of orthopaedic trainers below, and feel free to get in touch with our friendly team if you have any questions relating to your unique needs, or our products.

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Orthotic Trainers for Plantar Fasciitis and Flat Feet

At FootActive, we specialise in foot orthotics for a range of foot problems, as well as for those who are seeking everyday comfort from their shoes. Our revolutionary line of arch support shoes provides unparalleled comfort and stability for those with foot conditions such as 

or even just Tired and Sore Feet.

The unique design of these support shoes helps to alleviate any foot pain or discomfort, by supporting the arches of the feet and providing added stability. Green Steps ONE restores your natural foot function and walking posture by maintaining your biomechanical alignment.

Step into a pair of our arch support trainers and feel the difference immediately. Our orthopaedic shoes are designed with the help of podiatrists to ensure maximum comfort, support, and stability for your feet.

We also supply a range of orthotic insoles for both adults and children, which can assist with a range of conditions and are ideal for those who need that extra comfort to keep active.

Sustainable Shoes with Good Arch Support | Green Steps™

Are you looking for quality footwear that provides both style and support while also being environmentally conscious? Look no further than Green Steps ONE. These comfortable shoes not only provide relief for foot conditions and common problems, but they are also crafted using durable, sustainable, environmentally friendly materials. Ensuring we support both your feet, and the planet.


ARCH SUPPORT INSOLES - Crafted with high-quality Seaweed E.V.A.

Our insoles are built with our famous FootActive biomechanical arch support technology. Designed to provide relief for foot complaints such as: Plantar Fasciitis, Flat Feet, Over-Pronation, Ankle Pain, Knee Pain, Achilles Pain and a range of other common foot problems.


SHOCK ABSORBING MIDSOLE - Made from Sugarcane.

After sugar extraction, a fibrous residue called bagasse remains. which can create biodegradable textiles and materials that are durable, moisture-wicked, and have natural antibacterial properties.


EUCALYPTUS OUTER MATERIAL - Soft, sustainable, and durable.

The outer fibres are made from eucalyptus. The material produced is known for its durability and unbelievably soft texture.


ANTI-SLIP OUTSOLE - Made from Recycled Rubber.

Using recycled rubber for the sole provides superior grip and added safety so you take every step with confidence. Recycled rubber is durable, and provides comfort and stability to the feet.


EYELETS – Made from Recycled Plastic.

We use recycled plastics to create our eyelets to further increase the sustainability of our shoes, whilst maintaining a high-quality and durable finish.


What are orthopaedic shoes?

Orthopaedic shoes are shoes that have been specifically designed to provide maximum support to the feet and ankles. They benefit people who suffer from foot pain, as well as a range of conditions, which make it difficult and uncomfortable to walk or exercise in regular footwear.


What are the benefits of orthopaedic footwear?

Having supportive footwear helps to alleviate foot pain, increase blood flow, improve posture and reduce the risk of injury. Plus, wearing orthopaedic footwear can prevent foot problems from developing in the future.


Will orthotics help my foot problem?

Although orthopaedic shoes do help to provide comfort to those with foot pain and certain foot conditions, it is not a replacement for proper medical care where it is needed. If you feel you need medical assistance with your foot pain or are concerned, seek advice from the NHS website or visit your local GP.


What are the symptoms of bad arch support?

Symptoms of inadequate arch support include foot pain, particularly in the arch or heel area, along with discomfort in the ankles, knees, hips, or lower back. You may notice swelling or inflammation in the arch region and experience fatigue or aching after prolonged standing or walking. Plus, flat feet or fallen arches may develop, impacting overall posture and stability. Addressing these symptoms with proper arch support shoes, or orthopaedic insoles, can alleviate discomfort and prevent further complications.


Do feet really need arch support?

Feet benefit greatly from arch support as it helps distribute weight evenly, reducing strain on ligaments and muscles. Arch support can also improve overall posture and alleviate discomfort associated with conditions like flat feet or plantar fasciitis, and are usually recommended by doctors and GPs. However, the level of support needed varies from person to person, based on factors like foot structure and activity level. It's worth considering arch support footwear or orthotics for optimal foot health and comfort.


Can anyone wear orthopaedic shoes?

Some people rely more heavily on orthotics to help with discomfort and to improve their quality of life, however that doesn't mean they aren't suitable for everyone! Orthotic shoes can also be used as a preventative measure, to ward off foot problems as you get older.


Are your shoes true to size?

Yes, our shoes are true to size! We understand the importance of well-fitting shoes, so you can rest assured that we have a 30-day exchange policy on all items on our website, meaning if you are between sizes and aren't sure which ones to order, you can swap them if they aren't the right fit for you!


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