Baby it’s cold outside!

So here comes the cold snap and on go our hats and gloves, and up goes the central heating. Extremes of temperature and moisture during the day along with long hot baths and showers to warm us up can all irritate and dry out our skin.  Our natural protective barriers are attacked, stripping the skin of natural oils which can become chapped and dry.  Our complexions can become dulled and flaky as the skin loses the ability to naturally regenerate, and our pores can become blocked, causing spots.  Medication and ageing can also affect our skin’s natural barriers and elasticity.



The following tips can all help keep our skin moisturised, healthy and glowing as the winter sets in:


  • Keep hydrated - from the inside out - by regularly drinking water, infused with lemon, lime or other fruits, or perhaps cucumber and mint. Water helps flush out toxins from the system and transports oxygen and nutrients to all organs including the largest of all, our skin. Green tea provides a useful source of antioxidants, which are known to protect the body against disease and are an important part of a healthy diet, whilst caffeinated and carbonated drinks can be dehydrating to the body.


  • Woman Eating Vine TomatosHealthy diet - eating lots of fresh fruit, vegetables including avocados, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and broccoli not only helps keep us hydrated but also provides a wide range of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and healthy fats which all combine to keep skin healthy, flexible and moisturised. Nuts and seeds also provide essential fats and acids while oily fish is a great source of vitamin E, an essential antioxidant in skin, along with omega-3 fats which help reduce inflammation, which can cause redness and acne. The great news is that dark chocolate containing over 70% cocoa solids has high levels of antioxidants, which may protect your skin against sunburn as well as improve skin texture, thickness and hydration.  Reducing our intake of sugar can help reduce the levels of bad bacteria in the gut, that can cause inflammation and skin problems, while cutting back on alcohol intake can help our livers function more efficiently to remove other toxins from our bloodstream, helping keep our skin bright and clear.


  • Keep active and sleep well – exercise helps circulation of nutrients and oxygen around the body as well as white blood cell production and better lymph drainage, helping boost our immunity and keeping us healthy.  As we sweat during exercise our pores open helping release trapped dirt and grime, like a mini facial.  Along with burning calories, exercise helps regulate our cortisol levels, by acting as a release valve for this stress hormone, which results in better, more restful sleep.  Sleep not only helps relieve anxiety but is an essential process for skin renewal.


  • Moisturise frequently – especially after washing your hands or doing the washing up, and keep water temperatures to warm rather than very hot to reduce dehydration. Never go outside with damp or wet skin, as this can become chapped.



So how can our products help maintain a healthy, moisturised skin and body during the winter?



First Honey Ointment Smile

First Honey® products provide an alternative medical solution that reduces the use of antibiotics and chemically-engineered medicines.  They provide a forward-thinking and environmentally-friendly range of innovative healing products that have been tested and approved by medical professionals.

First Honey® Skin Therapy Cream and First Honey® Skin Ointment are both made with the highest quality medical-grade active Manuka honey, which has been proven to kill bacteria and promote healthy, effective healing.  Their formulations are deeply nourishing, and powered by the natural bioactive properties of Manuka honey – free from any contaminants and irritants.  Ideal for the treatment of inflammation, dryness and chapping as well as minor abrasions, lacerations, minor cuts, minor scalds, and burns, these effective and organic remedies encourage the body’s natural ability to heal and nourish our skin.

This advanced healing cream and ointment are both quickly absorbed into the skin to provide maximum protection from environmental factors and promotes healthy, hydrated skin.






FootActive Nature For Wildlife day

Our range of orthotic insoles has been designed and approved by podiatrists and physiotherapists to provide support and realignment to help alleviate many painful foot conditions.  Use our sports insoles in your walking boots or trainers to help you walk or run faster for longer.

If you prefer a leather top layer to your insole, try our nature and nature plus ranges.  If you’re planning an autumn walk this weekend, try some sports or workmate insoles in your wellingtons to transform them into comfortable supportive footwear.  And don’t forget that we also stock children’s insoles to help alleviate conditions such as severs disease and fallen arches.






Moji Ice Massager

Overdone your workout or perhaps walked or ran too far this week?  Try our various Moji massagers to help relax muscles in your feet, legs and across your body, to help alleviate painful conditions and keep you active and injury-free.   Whether you want a heat or ice massage, we have a Moji product for you, and they also make great Christmas presents and stocking fillers.