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If you’re looking for innovative, therapeutic self-massagers, then turn to Moji products. Designed to help you to stay active and live pain-free, you can be certain that your body will start moving once again when you choose a neck and back massager from Moji.

With a broad range of products to choose from, including a neck and back massager, and a heat massager which can heat up to 140 degrees to truly help to penetrate deep into the problem areas within your body, you are certain to find everything that you need right here at FootActive. We believe that the Moji heat massager products offer an unrivalled massage experience, with the foot massager being highly beneficial for a series of foot problems and leg problems, such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis. Suitable for men, women and children, turn to our range of Moji massage products, today.

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Neck and Back Massager

Struggling with pains and aches in your neck and back? The Moji massage products can provide you with relief, helping you to unwind and release any tension which you may be feeling. The neck and back massager can target deep tissue while offering therapeutic heat which can improve overall mobility, increase blood flow and also trigger endorphins to really help to relieve any problems which you may be feeling. These can be combined with our range of arch support insoles to keep your body pain free and ready to be active.

The neck and back massager comes in a variety of sizes, but even the large Moji heat massage ball is easily portable, allowing you to target your problem areas, no matter where you are!

Heat Massager

Whether you’re looking to ensure that your body is at its best, or you’re struggling with a few problem areas which are tight and sore or causing you significant discomfort, Moji can provide you with a solution. Your body can feel aches and pains from daily activities, such as the way that you sit in the office, to overexertion while gardening and can feel even tighter if you’ve pushed your body to its very limits – but these revolutionary massage products can help to soothe muscles and provide you with the ultimate solution, no matter where you are.

Whether you require the foot massager which can dig deep into the muscle to provide ultimate relief, or even our ice massage for your feet, or you prefer the Moji Heat Roller, you can be certain that we have the right product for you.

Browse our range today to find out which product suits your requirements most accurately and pair it up with our orthopaedic insoles for reduced body pains!

When it comes to Moji massage products, a large emphasis is on heat and combining this with the traditional benefits of massage. Some of the Moji products available, in particular, the heat massager, can be heated in the microwave, and then this heat can then apply deeper pressure to muscles in the problem area. This therapeutic heat technique can help to ease almost all forms of muscle tightness and soreness. This revolutionary heat massager can help to take pain relief and recovery to a new level by combining the benefits of massage and heat, in one single product. There are a number of options to choose from, in order to ensure that your requirements are met with every single product.

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