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FootActive Plantar Fasciitis- Full-length, extra-cushioned orthotic insoles for the effective relief and foot support for Plantar Fasciitis.

FootActive Plantar Fasciitis insoles support the arch of the foot and are designed to reduce the excess strain on the Plantar Fascia ligament, thereby treating the cause of the problem and providing Plantar Fasciitis relief. Our combination of Plantar Fasciitis arch support and cushioning heel pads help to alleviate and prevent any associated heel pain.

Our Plantar Fasciitis shoe inserts are available in a range of sizes from X-Small (UK 3-4 ½ / EU 36-38)  to X-Large(UK 11-13 / EU 46-48).

  • DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY TO PROVIDE PLANTAR FASCIITIS RELIEF - Developed by our team of dedicated Podiatrists, these top-rated Plantar Fasciitis Insoles are the perfect way to receive effective Plantar Fasciitis relief.

  • HELPS RELIEVE OTHER COMMON FOOT PROBLEMS – It is not just Plantar Fasciitis Pain these insoles can relieve. Use these high-specification FootActive Orthotic Plantar Fasciitis Insoles to help relieve Achilles Tendonitis and general pain in the ball of the foot (Metartarsalgia).

  • ADVANCED, ERGONOMIC PLANTAR FASCIITIS SUPPORT DESIGN - Featuring a soft and comfortable micro-fibre top layer, biomechanical support for the longitudinal arch, as well as the transverse arch, and premium poron pads located in the heel and forefoot for additional cushioning.

  • QUALITY FULL-LENGTH PLANTAR FASCIITIS INSOLES - Suitable for use with all types of lace-up shoes, including trainers, joggers, formal shoes, and even heavy-duty work boots. Just simply trim the insoles to size (if necessary) using a pair of scissors and enjoy maximum foot support for relief from Plantar Fasciitis.

  • THE PLANTAR FASCIITIS ARCH SUPPORT CHOICE OF PROFESSIONALS - Our Plantar Fasciitis insoles are CE-marked and supplied by several NHS Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) for use by their own healthcare professionals. Please beware of any cheap imitations which are NOT CE-marked or recommended by medical practitioners. Also go for the best insoles for Plantar Fasciitis, which you will find here at FootActive.

Foot Support for Plantar Fasciitis

For sufferers of Plantar Fasciitis, the feeling of a sharp pain on the underside of the heel when moving can be particularly uncomfortable. As it is the thick band of tissue that goes through the arch of the foot, connecting the heel bone to the toes, being able to find Plantar Fasciitis shoes to counter this can be more expensive and provide fewer options. With Plantar Fasciitis shoe inserts, however, they provide an inexpensive and extremely effective way to resolve the issue, fitting in any type of shoes you would normally use.

As we get older, Plantar Fasciitis pain can be become more apparent due to the muscles wearing over time. Utilising the best insoles for Plantar Fasciitis can alleviate this strain and provide relief when walking, especially after sitting or sleeping. It is also common with people who are very active or play a lot of sport, as it can tear gradually as well as suddenly under strain and stress.

Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support

With FootActive Plantar Fasciitis support insoles, you can find the correct size to fit your current footwear and provide immediate relief. All our full-length insoles can be trimmed if required. If you regularly exercise or have a job where you find yourself on your feet often, making time to see your GP or podiatrist is recommended. However, custom-fitted orthotics for arch correction can be prohibitively expensive. The next best insoles for Plantar Fasciitis are found here at FootActive, so much so that they are worn by medical professional themselves!

You can support the arch of your foot easily with Plantar Fasciitis insoles and combine this with stretching exercises you will experience pain relief on a daily basis. Use of a Moji Massager or rolling something cylinder shaped like a ball or bottle under the arch of the foot will provide welcome relief after a long day.

Browse our full range of products, designed to help relive and support a variety of foot problems that are common amongst children and adults. From Heel Pain to Arthritis and Flat Feet, we have plenty of helpful advice and recommend insoles to help bring pain relief and a more comfortable foot movement whilst walking and running for you. Please see our recommended items that other customers have bought together with Plantar Fasciitis insoles below. If you have any queries about our insoles and other products, please do get in touch.

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