The summer holidays are here and we’re ready to jump in! To inspire your summer holiday activities list, we’ve pulled together a devilish summer puzzle to really get your brain crunching. Can you beat it!?

Summer Puzzle: Can You Spot The Trainers?

Having good footwear is crucial for most summer adventures, so can you find the two trainers in amongst the summer activity paraphernalia?

Summer Holiday Brainteaser

Having solid footwear is the first step to ensuring you have safe and happy adventures this summer. Understanding the correct shoe size, shape and support for your and your children’s feet is the best way to ensure you all have the correct footwear for running around in and embracing the activities of summer. 

For busy parents keeping up with active children this summer, you’ll want to find comfortable, light and supportive footwear to ensure you are comfortable and protected throughout the day. Active flip flops and sandals are a fantastic option for parents looking for footwear to fit these requirements! Say goodbye to hot, unfomortable summer feet while also maintaining a high standard of foot support and comfort.

Top 15 Active Summer Holiday Activities

For many families planning exciting summer holiday activities to keep everyone entertained can be difficult. Here at FootActive, we’ve put together a list of the best active summer holiday plans so you can steer away from summer boredom and make the most of the time together!

  • Family walk or hike 
  • Bike ride adventure 
  • Nature trailing 
  • Geocaching 
  • Beach trip 
  • Rockpooling 
  • River combing 
  • Swimming 
  • Water sports 
  • Picnic 
  • Go camping 
  • Build a den 
  • Create an obstacle course 
  • Skipping 
  • Roller skating

Summer Holiday Activities Brain Teaser Answers

Struggling to find those trainers!?

Okay, one more clue: have a look around the top left hand corner AND above the centre of the page!

Still can’t find the trainers?

Give up? We’ll give you the answer. The trainers are here…

Summer Holiday Brainteaser

Did you manage to find the all-important trainers? How quickly did you spot them? Be sure to let us know on Facebook!

When you plan your summer holiday activities make sure you check you’ve got the correct footwear in place - and also pack some plasters for any bumps or blisters! Check out our range of sport and performance insoles to help support you throughout your family summer holiday activities!