As part of an initiative to help people get information on Foot Health we have partnered with the National Pharmacy Association.  We feature in the latest publication on Your Health Your Pharmacy, here: 

Preceding the coronavirus pandemic there were persistent strains on the NHS, particularly with extended wait times at GP surgeries, which has had a considerable impact on patient care and the nation's health.

Many of these visits to the GP are for minor illnesses, accidents or queries, that could more appropriately be dealt with by pharmacists, who themselves are highly skilled professionals, at the frontline of healthcare and oversee more than 1.5 million daily patient visits and dispense annually over 1 billion prescriptions.

NPA community pharmacies offer many practical benefits versus GP surgeries; located on almost every high street, having longer opening hours and not requiring an appointment.

Being part of the community and visited on a frequent basis, the local pharmacist is uniquely trusted by their patients.

The NPA has now launched a post-pandemic, mission-critical initiative, geared at helping their patients and increasing the nation’s general health and wellbeing.

A number of common and critical issues have been identified, before and after the onset of Covid-19, with Foot Health being a key area of the initiative.

We are proud to be part of this initiative and will be continuing to add helpful and informative content to our website.