Look after your feet they will walk you to great health! If you are looking to get fitter and healthier, why not undertake an activity that comes naturally to us all. Walking is good for you, free and can fit around even the busiest lifestyle. Walking with friends/family can be a good way to be social and take exercise.

Your feet are for life so it is very important you take good care of them.

Benefits of Walking

Walking is good for you and if done at a brisk pace can improve overall cardiovascular health in the same way running and jogging do. However, compared with running, walking carries a significantly lower risk of injury! Walking also reduces stress and gives you time to clear your head and aids better sleep. It's the nearest thing to 'perfect' exercise in terms of a safe, all-round workout and it doesn't cost a penny or need any special equipment – just a good pair of shoes and an arch support insole if needed.

  • If you walk an extra 20 minutes a day, you'll burn off more than 3kg of body fat a year
  • A single step uses up to 200 muscles. So you're not only doing a little cardio, but toning your muscles too and walking is easy on your joints
  • Walking can halve your risk of coronary heart disease and help prevent some cancers and cuts cholesterol
  • Walking may slow cognitive decline in adults, especially those with existing conditions such as Alzheimer's
  • Walking can help to prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes
  • Walking requires little equipment can be done almost anywhere and is entirely free.
  • Can help improve circulation in your feet by stimulating the development of tiny new blood vessels.

What walking does to your feet?

In an average lifetime, we walk about 100,000 miles, which is tough on our feet. Yet our bodies were designed for moving not standing still, so walking is good exercise. Walking helps the muscles and ligaments in our feet to work more efficiently, and helps keep them supple and flexible.

So even if you have to sit around a lot in your job or at home, try to get up and walk briskly for at least 30 minutes every day. Feet are adaptable and can withstand a lot of pressure before they rebel. If you walk a lot, it’s important to wear the right footwear which won’t damage your feet. High Heels are not advisable for walking!

Foot Problems associated with walking

If you are suffering from heel pain then it can be quickly and easily treated with an “off the shelf” orthotic insole. If you do experience problems or pain then please make sure you visit your Podiatrist or GP.