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Orthopaedic Shoes for Women

At FootActive, we understand the importance of having footwear that looks good and makes you feel confident, but also provides much-needed comfort for everyday wear. Our range of Green Steps ONE orthopaedic shoes offer everything you need in one supportive shoe, ideal for those that suffer from foot pain and foot conditions.

Browse our collection of comfortable shoes for women below, with a range of different colour options to suit every style! If you have any questions about our collection, and how our shoes could benefit you, feel free to reach out to our friendly team on +44 (0)1963 33088, or email [email protected].

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Are orthopaedic shoes right for me?

No matter what age you are, we all need footwear to support our feet and knees, and provide all-day comfort. Orthotic insoles are particularly beneficial to those with foot conditions, to help correct walking posture, relieve symptoms, and prevent you from experiencing potential foot issues in the future.

Orthotic shoes have all the benefits of orthotic insoles built into the shoe. So, whether you’re a parent, or on your feet all day at work, our orthopaedic footwear is designed to keep you active, comfortable, and protected.

If you are still unsure whether you would benefit from a pair of shoes from FootActive, our team are here to answer any questions. Feel free to get in touch with us today for personalised guidance.


What foot conditions require orthotics?

Common foot problems that require orthotics include Bunions, Plantar Fasciitis, Flat Feet, Over-Pronation, Diabetic Foot, Morton's Neuroma, Swollen Feet, and Arthritis. Our range of women's shoes is ideal for providing relief for all of these foot conditions, plus many more common foot problems that affect people of all ages. 

If you have tried orthopaedic shoes and are still experiencing discomfort or pain, we recommend seeking advice from the NHS website or a medical professional. It could be that your condition requires custom orthotics, or there could be a more serious issue that requires medical treatment.


How do arch-support orthopaedic shoes work?

Orthopaedic shoes work by providing support for your foot arches, unlike most trainers and boots. This helps to correct your walking posture, preventing your foot from rolling inwards, and, in turn, taking pressure off your ankles, knees, hips, and tendons.

Orthopaedic trainers from FootActive have the benefit of biomechanical premium orthotic insoles, created by us. Our insoles boast tried and tested, unbeatable arch support technology to increase stability when you walk.


What makes Green Steps ONE shoes different?

Green Steps shoes are designed with a team of podiatrists and physiotherapists to ensure they provide maximum support for wearers. They are made from sustainable materials including Eucalyptus, Algae EVA, Recycled Rubber and Sugarcane – making them environmentally friendly and long-wearing.

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