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FootActive has partnered with the National Pharmacy Association

As part of an initiative to help people get information on Foot Health we have partnered with the National Pharmacy Association.  We feature in the latest publication on Your Health Your Pharmacy, here:  Preceding the coronavirus pandemic there were persistent strains on the NHS, particularly with extended wait times at GP surgeries, which has […]

FootActive teams up with TikToker tackling the UK’s newest walking challenge

We all love a walking challenge. We love strapping on our thermals and our walking boots and going on a long hike, whether that be with friends or family, or even just our beloved pets.  In the UK, we’re blessed with so many great casual and challenging walking routes. The Three Peaks Challenge and Ten […]

Why self diagnosing foot injuries is becoming a big problem

We’ve all heard of the term self-diagnosing. For those unfamiliar with it, though, this is simply the process of an individual attempting to diagnose or identify a medical condition in yourself. And since the rise of search platforms, like Google, it has become increasingly more prominent. Back in 2020, a study showed that 59% of […]

The Pitfalls of Running a Marathon without Training

Marathons are the ultimate test of human endurance. Full-length races span 26.2 miles with average finishing times ranging between 4 to 5 hours.  These long-distance races can be incredibly taxing on both your physical and mental health, therefore it’s essential that you take the race seriously and start preparing for the big day months in […]

6 Top Tips for Preparing a Walking Marathon

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be an avid runner to complete a marathon.  Many individuals who participate in the race choose to walk instead of run. However, do the same rules apply when it comes to training? Can you walk a marathon without preparing for it?  The short answer is no. Although […]

The Dangers of Not Taking Care of Minor Injuries Properly

It could be argued that health is the most crucial element in anybody’s life.  Good health is what allows you to get up every morning and do the things you love the most. It’s something that we should never take for granted. However, accidents do happen, and minor injuries can occur.  At some point in […]

Post-Marathon Recovery: Tips for Bouncing Back After a Marathon

Post-Marathon Recovery: Tips for Bouncing Back After a Marathon Importance of Recovery Factors Affecting Recovery Age Fitness Levels Muscle Damage Blood Flow Sleep Quality Post-Marathon Recovery Strategies Keep Moving Keep Clear of Painkillers Replenish Your Nutrients Get Rehydrated Have an Ice Bath Get a Massage, But Don’t Wait Around for One Get Some Sleep Look […]

How To Prepare for a Marathon: 10 Effective Training Activities

How To Prepare for a Marathon: 10 Effective Training Activities Swimming Hiking Climbing Yoga and Pilates Meditation Strength training Cycling Rowing High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Cross-training Benefits of Cross-Training The Importance of Training for a Marathon Final thoughts It is no secret that running a marathon is hard work. It takes months of dedication and […]

Marathon Injury Prevention: Everything You Need To Know

Running a marathon is a fantastic test of mental and physical endurance. When you complete a run of this calibre, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment unlike no other. So it’s important to take marathon injury prevention seriously. Not only will it improve your fitness, but it’s also an incredible lifetime achievement that everybody should […]

Marathon Preparation: 4 Tips On What Not to Do

Marathon preparation is not a simple task. Even the most athletic and experienced runners need to take their time to prepare their bodies, both mentally and physically, before a long run or big race. Although you want to ensure you push yourself to complete your goal, it’s crucial that you cross the finish line unscathed.  […]

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