Athlete’s Foot can be a continuous battle. It most frequently occurs in men, those who wear tight fitting shoes and socks or spend time barefoot in public spaces. If Athlete’s Foot is not attended to properly it can cause problems for other areas, including hands, nails and the groin.

Fortunately, the infection can be completely combated at home, and most often, natural remedies for Athlete’s Foot are the most effective treatment. The fungal infection should be treated as soon as you notice any symptoms and you should only need to contact your GP when the problem persists. They will then be able to prescribe steroid creams in extreme cases. If you have diabetes and are experiencing symptoms of Athlete’s Foot, contact your GP immediately, as this can be more complicated.

To prevent the infection spreading, we have compiled the most effective but simple, natural remedies for Athlete’s Foot.

1.Tea Tree Oil

It’s not surprising that this miracle cure-all essential oil is also one of the best natural remedies for Athlete’s Foot. After showering and drying your feet properly (it is recommended that you wash your feet at least twice a day, using clean products and towels), rub tea tree oil into the skin. This will reduce the symptoms and irritating effects of Athlete’s Foot, including itching, swelling and the temperature sensation.

This is an extremely popular method for treating the symptoms of Athlete’s Foot as it’s low cost, easy to use and smells great. Test tea tree oil with a 24 hour patch test before beginning this at-home treatment.

You might also want to consider diluting the oil for a less intense application.

2. Fist Honey Ointment

This is an all-natural remedy that can be used to treat Athlete’s Foot, as well as many other infections. The ointment will reduce itching, heat and pain in the affected areas. The First Honey Ointment promotes faster and better healing, without the need for antibiotics. This is one of the only natural remedies for Athlete’s Foot that is clinically proven to work to kill bacteria and help prevent any more cracks from occurring in the feet.

3. Garlic

Garlic is a medically proven method for killing bacteria. Most studies that have been conducted on garlic’s properties indicate that it is most effective for fungus-based infections. Ajoene is the composite found inside garlic that has been proven to soothe cases of Athlete’s Foot.

Ajoene is available to purchase in balms and creams. Additional natural remedies for Athlete’s Foot with garlic include a garlic bath (soak the affected feet in warm water infused with garlic clove for 30 minutes), crush cloves into a paste and lather onto the feet or take garlic supplements.

4. Sea Salt Baths

Natural remedies for Athlete’s Foot do vary in intensity. Whilst salt baths are not a clinically approved treatment like the First Honey products, they are an easy-to-implement and relaxing way to care for your feet. Check the sea salt you are purchasing, but most have strong antibacterial properties that will help combat the growth and development of Athlete’s Foot.

If your case is more severe this is a good natural remedy to compliment other courses of treatment.

Natural remedies for Athlete’s Foot, including the ones listed here, are better suited to minor cases and maintenance of the infection. They are also ideal for maintaining the infection as it can be reoccurring or a continuous problem.  If you know you are experiencing a severe bout, do visit a pharmacist or get in touch with your GP.