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Supportive flip flops to suit your active lifestyle! Our Active flip flops provide quality orthotic support, for maximum comfort, and a slip on-style for maximum convenience. Because life is too short for lace-ups.

ZULLAZ Active orthotic flip flops with arch support and cushioning footbed for the ultimate walking comfort:

  • Designed by podiatrists, our Active flip flops offer specialist, high-quality support, without sacrificing style.
  • Our Active flip flops are a revolution in walking comfort. Made from feather-light materials, their ultra-cushioned footbed features Re-sorb Plus technology to reduce impact and relieve stress on your joints.
  • Built to contour your feet comfortably, Our Active flip flops feature a 6 degree supportive arch, which restores the natural alignment of your body from your toes to lower back.
  • These soft and comfortable flip flops offer immediate relief from plantar fasciitis, while correcting common foot complaints like over-pronation, fallen arches and flat feet.
  • A soft, microfibre straps keeps your feet secure as you walk. With extra support from anti-slip rubber soles, you can be sure you won’t be caught slipping poolside.
  • The outsole is made from a durable material called EVA. This material is free from BPA, meaning it’s healthier for our environment, and more sustainable, as you’ll be wearing these flip flops for years to come!
  • Got cold feet? Don’t worry, our flip flops come with a 30 day, quibble free refund or exchange policy, for total peace of mind.


Sizing information

Please note: Our length and width measurements have been taken at the longest possible points.

We recommend choosing a size which is a little larger than the measurements of your feet.

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