ZULLAZ Orthotic Slippers GREY

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Zullaz Orthotic Slippers feature FootActive biomechanical arch support, non-slip recycled rubber outsoles and felt made from recycled post-consumer plastic.

We are very pleased to launch our new range of super comfortable orthotic slippers!

If you wear insoles or supportive shoes during the day then why would you not give your feet the same support in the evenings?

Not only do our slippers support your feet but the upper part is made from recycled plastic and so also to help support the planet.  It takes around 8 plastic bottles to make one pair so the more we make the more waste plastic is used.   We know what you may be thinking, plastic won’t be comfortable.  We promise it is! This material feels just like wool.

Zullaz Slippers are the perfect way to make sure your feet are supported when at home. If you wear supportive shoes in the day then it is very important to maintain that arch support when at home

Zullaz Arch Support Slippers from FootActive:

Our new slippers feature FootActive orthotic foot supports to make sure your feet are perfectly supported around the home | The insoles are interchangeable with other FootActive products.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable: 

The felt uppers are made Eurelly/PETT which feels just like wool but is made entirely from waste plastic bottles. It takes up to 8 plastic bottles to make one pair of Zullaz Slippers. Wonderfully comfortable and great for the environment!

Non-slip rubber outsole:

The outsole for Zullaz slippers is made from recycled rubber so is not only better for the environment but will also give added grip when walking. If you do need to pop outside then you can still keep your slippers on.

Stylish Design:

Our simple and contemporary design means Zullaz slippers will continue to look good throughout the seasons. Zullaz slippers are available in a range of colours and sizes.

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