FootActive Kids Full Length

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Whether they’re splashing in puddles, or playing make-believe, our insoles are designed to provide stabilising support for your child, leaving them free to play.

  • Designed by podiatrists, these medical-grade insoles ensure your child is properly supported, from the classroom to the playground.   
  • These specialist orthotics help treat a number of health complaints, including joint pain, flat feet, fallen arches, plantar fasciitis and Sever’s disease.
  • Advanced biomechanical arch support helps restore the natural and true alignment of the lower half of their body, from hips to toes, correcting common problems like over-pronation.
  • Shock absorbing pads at the heel and forefront of the insole help protect their feet and bones from high impact activities on hard surfaces.  
  • Versatile too, these orthotics will easily slip inside most footwear, from school shoes to sports shoes. However, for those with narrow feet, we recommend our ¾ length insoles.
  • If your child has an adult’s shoe size of 3 or larger, we recommend that you purchase one of our other insoles, such as FootActive Comfort in size XS.
  • Part of the bestselling, NHS approved range, FootActive offers a wide range of leading orthotic insoles, proven to help relieve pain, from your spine to your toes. 
  • Got cold feet? Don’t worry, our insoles come with a 30 day, quibble free refund or exchange policy, for total peace of mind. 
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